Organic Red Bean Powder
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Organic Red Bean Powder


I. Organic red bean powder benefits

i. Organic red bean powder is rich in vitamin B2. Regular consumption of organic red bean powder can improve skin immunity and prevent skin diseases.

ii. Organic red bean powder is rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, and contains less fat. It will not cause weight gain after eating, so it is a good choice for dieters or women who love beauty.

iii. Red beans, also known as Acacia beans, are often made into a variety of sweet foods.

iv. Red beans are great for people with heart disease.

v. Organic red bean powder is rich in iron, which prevents anemia. So eating red beans regularly, has many benefits.

II. Organic red bean powder for face

Red beans, also known as Acacia beans, are also used in medicine. It is very good for health care. It can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach but also remove moisture in the body. There are four main benefits of eating organic red bean powder regularly!

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Benefit one: Nourishing the heart and replenishing the blood.

Red bean powder can not only clear the heart, but also can replenish the blood. It is rich in crude fiber substance, which can help reduce blood lipid, blood pressure and improve cardiac activity function in clinic. At the same time it is rich in iron which is very suitable for blood. Let your hands and feet not to be cold in autumn and winter.

Benefit two: Strengthen the spleen and stomach

The spleen and stomach have relatively strong digestive ability better absorption. Therefore, the weak people should step up tonic in the autumn and winter, and make a good reserve fot hr coming year, so that they will be energetic and strong in the coming year, and will not get sick. Red beans, known as "red beans" in Chinese medicine, also have obvious effects on strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Benefit three: Eliminate edema

In addition, being rich in potassium, organic red bean powder has a strong diuretic effect of saponin contained in its outer skin, which can improve the swelling of the face and feet caused by beriberi and kidney function decline. Therefore, red beans (organic red bean powder) used in the treatment of edema.

Benefit four: Remove dampness and clear heat

According to Chinese medicine, it means that there is dampness inside the body. The water can not flow with the blood, stays between the cells of human body to swell rapidly. The red bean powder is rich in B vitamins and iron, as well as protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and other components. Which has the functions of clearing heat, diuresis, dampness and detoxification.

III. Organic red bean powder for skin

Eating organic red bean powder can make your skin ruddy. Red beans contain quite a lot of iron, which is a popular blood-enriching product, especially helpful for pale-faced women. Regular consumption can make the skin rosy.

IV. Organic red bean powder nutrition

Organic red bean powder is rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals. It has the effects of nourishing blood, diuresis, reducing swelling and promoting heart activation. Eating more can prevent and treat feet swelling, and has the effect of losing weight. It can increase gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation and promote urination, and eliminate edema caused by heart or kidney disease. In addition, its fiber helps to excrete waste such as salt and fat in the body, which has a great effect on thin legs.