What is black bean powder used for
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What is black bean powder used for

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Black bean extract powder's use

Brew with water

Black soybean meal can brew directly, can generally take a spoonful of black soybean meal, and then put it into the cup, with boiling water, stir constantly, make its together the powder and water, of course also can according to your own taste, right amount add some honey or sugar in brewing, not only can supplement the kidney, nourish hair, also has the very good effect for skin care, You can drink a cup of black bean powder every day, there is a better effect.

Cook porridge

Black soybean meal porridge is also a good choice, can eyesight, runchang purge can supplement nutrition, after cooked porridge can generally, then add some black soybean meal to keep stirring, until the black soybean meal completely into, can sprinkle in some of your favorite spices, even also can directly eat, for our bodies, nutrition, delicious, nourishing the body.Black Bean Flour for sale - RealclearBio

Do the dishes

Black soybean meal also can cook, can put black soybean meal in some starch or egg stir, then it have become a whole piece of black beans and vermicelli, cut it into pieces cut into small pieces, then put into the pan Fried, at the same time, also can put some other dishes for mixing materials, such as can put some ginger, garlic, chili or Onions, not only can sterilization, Also can supplement nutrition.

What is the effect and action of black bean powder?


Vitamin E in black bean powder can be a protective layer against oxidation in the body: red anthocyanins released by seed coat of black bean powder can remove free radicals in the body, and have better antioxidant activity and enhance vitality.

Improve gastrointestinal tract

The dietary fiber and oligosaccharide contained in black bean powder can not only help intestinal peristalsis, make flatulence and toxin in the body discharged smoothly, improve constipation, but also improve the intestinal flora environment, play a role in the whole intestine.

Lower cholesterol

Saponin contained in black bean powder can reduce cholesterol and effectively prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.

Nourish blood and kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black is water, and water moves the kidney. Black bean powder, as a black food, can be beneficial to tonifying and nourishing the kidney. Black bean powder extract can improve the absorption of iron in the body, eating black bean powder with skin can improve anemia symptoms.

Beauty and hair care

Black bean powder is rich in VITAMIN B and vitamin E, which is a nutrient needed for beauty. In addition, black bean powder also contains rich pantothenic acid, black hair effect.black bean sauce powder price - RealclearBio

Strengthen bones

The content of trace elements in black bean powder is very high. Such as: calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It strengthens bones. It can play an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on the skin, and has a pain-relieving effect on the arthritis of the elderly. Black bean powder can strengthen the liver, kidney and other organs.

What is black bean powder made of?

Black beans are washed and baked in a blender.

Is black bean powder good for hair?

Regulate human hormone, prevent hair loss, prevent breast cancer, prostate disease

Legumes are known as phytoestrogens because they contain special compounds called isoflavones that are structurally similar to female estrogens. Isoflavones can affect hormone secretion, protein synthesis, and growth factor activity, especially in women. Women often eat black beans, can prevent breast cancer, beauty, delay aging, prevent hair loss, and completely without the side effects of drugs.

White hair black

Black beans are also used to treat white hair because of their kidney and blood tonic effects. Black beans are also thought to help the body make tyrosinase, a substance called melanin, which is thought to play a role in hair darkening.

Can I eat black bean powder everyday?

Black beans can usually be eaten daily, but in moderation. Black beans are rich in nutrition, rich in a variety of minerals, trace elements, as well as protein, fat, black beans are relatively low in carbohydrate content, low glycemic index, more suitable for diabetes patients, sugar tolerance disorders to eat. Black beans are not easy to digest, and easy to produce gas, so if you want to eat every day, you need to control the amount of food intake, if the patient feels abdominal distension, uncomfortable, you can suspend or eat again after a period of time.

How do you make black bean powder?

The recipe of black bean powder is very simple. First, wash all the prepared black beans, and when the water is drained, pour them into the pot and stir fry them. When the skin of beans cracks and the green flesh inside begins to turn yellow, it can be served. Cool the beans on a cutting board, then use a grinder to grind them to a powder. If you have too many beans, you can put them in the cooking machine several times and grind them.