Calcium Carbonate
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Calcium Carbonate

Grade: Food Grade
Certificates: Kosher/ HALAL
Supply Ability: 5 Tons/month
Sample: Free Sample 5-20g
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage: Store in cool and dry place
Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/paper drum
Delivery Method: DHL/ FedEx/ By air/ By sea
Payment Method: T/T, L/C, PayPal

Calcium Carbonate Powder Description

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound made up of calcium, carbon, and oxygen atoms. It is commonly found in rocks, shells, and the skeletons of marine organisms. When calcium carbonate reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl), it produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2), water, and calcium chloride. This reaction is often used in chemistry experiments to demonstrate the properties of acids and bases.Calcium Carbonate-RealclearBio

Calcium carbonate is also widely used as a dietary supplement, as it is an excellent source of calcium, an essential mineral for the human body. It is often combined with vitamin C, vitamin D, or other nutrients to enhance its absorption and effectiveness. There are many calcium carbonate supplements available on the market, and the best one depends on individual needs and preferences.

The use of calcium carbonate is not limited to dietary supplements. It is also commonly used in the food industry as an additive, in the production of cement, and as a filler in paper, plastic, and paint. There are different grades of calcium carbonate available, including organic and edible forms. The cost and availability of calcium carbonate vary depending on the source and the quantity purchased.

Nature Made is a popular brand that offers calcium carbonate supplements, and there are also many other brands and manufacturers that sell calcium carbonate in bulk or for individual sale. When selecting a calcium carbonate supplement, it is important to choose a high-quality and pure product that is free from contaminants.

In addition to vitamin C and vitamin D, calcium carbonate can also be combined with vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 to enhance its absorption and effectiveness. When calcium carbonate is added to acidic solutions, it can act as an acid buffer, helping to neutralize the solution and prevent pH changes.

Overall, calcium carbonate is a versatile and useful compound that has many applications in various industries and as a dietary supplement.

Product Description

Product Name:

Calcium Carbonate


Fine Powder


 Mainly used for calcium

 Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

 To treat rickets


 Medical field

Testing Index of  Calcium Carbonate

Particle Size:

NLT 100% 80mesh









Heavy metal:

10ppm max



Total Plate Count:

1000cfu/g max

Yeast / Mold:

100cfu/g max

E. Coli:




Calcium Carbonate Package and Delivery

By Express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Suitable for more than 50kg

Suitable for more than 500kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Fast:  3-7 days

Slow: 7-45 days

Hight Cost

Hight Cost

Low Cost

Door to door service

Port to port

Port to port

Easy to pick up the goods

Professional broker needed

Professional broker needed


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