Spray Dried Strawberry Powder
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Spray Dried Strawberry Powder


I. Spray dried strawberry powder benefits

i. Promote digestion, because spray dried strawberry powder is rich in dietary fiber which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help food digestion, help dry and improve constipation, prevent acne formation.

ii. Prevent cardiovascular disease, as spray-dried strawberry powder contains antioxidants that reduce cardiovascular disease by reducing low-density fat proteins.

iii. Nourish the liver and eyes, because spray dried strawberry powder is rich in carotene and vitamin A, which can alleviate night blindness and improve vision.

iv. Fight cancer, spray dried strawberry powder can also reduce the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

v. Detoxification and beautifying, because the spray dried strawberry powder contains two kinds of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, which can play the role of anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging.

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II. Spray dried strawberry powder health benefits

Spray dried strawberry powder is a good source of vitamin c. Spray dried strawberry powder is also rich in iron, which improves the body's immune system. The dye and essential oil in spray dried strawberry powder can form special enzymes to prevent cancer.

III. Spray dried strawberry powder history

Spray drying technology has a history of more than a hundred years. As early as 1865, it was used for drying liquid eggs. In 1872, the patent of Samlue L Percy in the United States made the spray drying technology clearly fall on the text, and discussed the process and basic principles of spray drying in detail, and boldly proposed the basic concept of combining atomization and drying. It can be said that he is one of the founders of the theory of spray drying, before this, no one has described the spray drying technology so completely.

Few people used to know the history of strawberry cultivation and now the world’s three major centers of strawberry cultivation in the world are Europe, the United States and Japan, with a combined production of more than what we produce today. The strawberry we cultivate is called the "large fruit pineapple strawberry" which is originated in France in 1750 and was accidentally hybridized by two American varieties “Florida strawberry”, and then introduced to Britain and the Netherlands and the British cultivated it in the 19th century and began to flourish.

IV. Spray dried strawberry powder nutrition

i. It can be eaten by the general population, especially suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance.

ii. It has the functions of producing blood, enhancing phlegm, strengthening the spleen, relieving hangover, tonifying blood and lipids. It has certain preventive and curative effects on gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disease. Strawberry juice also has the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin.