What is acai berry extract powder?
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What is acai berry extract powder?

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I. acai berry extract powder benefits

i. Eye health Acai extract powder contains a large number of polyphenols, can strengthen the microvessels in the retina, and promote blood circulation, will be smooth and rapid delivery of nutrients to the eyes, to eliminate eye fatigue.

ii. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Sufficient calcium can prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis; Polyphenols improve blood circulation; And amino acid can strengthen the function of the heart, with the help of a variety of nutrients can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases!

iii. We all know that anemia needs iron supplementation, especially women need enough iron, and acai extract powder contains more iron than spinach, pig liver and other foods we usually use to supplement iron, so we know that appropriate intake of acai extract powder can effectively prevent anemia!

iv. Anti-aging and restore tender skin. The large amount of anthocyanins and vitamin E in acai berry extract powder make it possess strong antioxidant power, which is almost 20 times that of blueberry, and can be called the crown of antioxidant fruits! It can help slow down aging and reduce the chance of fine lines. Vitamin A and omega-3 can moisturize skin, maintain skin health, beauty is the first choice!

v. Relieve pressure Calcium and magnesium have the effect of calming nerves, and appropriate intake is of certain help to relieve mental pressure!

vi. To help reduce weight, acai extract powder rich dietary fiber can not only promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation, but also increase satiety. Compared with other fruits, it has a slower digestion speed and a longer sense of satiety, which can reduce appetite and reduce the intake of excess calories. And calcium can enhance muscle activity, so that the body temperature rises, metabolic rate increases, metabolic rate increases, fat burning will of course follow the promotion! Therefore, acai extract powder is the best fruit for weight loss people to eat!! Long-term use of the word can help you reduce body fat, maintain a beautiful posture oh!acai berry extract powder wholesale

vii. Improve concentration and memory DHA and EPA in omega-3 help maintain normal nervous system transmission in the brain, which can help memory, improve concentration and learning ability; Vitamin B, on the other hand, boosts your energy levels, and together they can help keep you groggy at work and in class!

viii. Improve immunity anthocyanin and vitamin E antioxidant power can not only prevent skin problems, but also improve immunity, fight free radicals in the body, and inhibit the occurrence of diseases!

ix. Prevent Osteoporosis Omega-3s lubricate joints, while adequate calcium builds strong bones and prevents osteoporosis

x. Control cholesterol Because acai extract powder is rich in omega-3, 6 and 9, which are essential unsaturated fatty acids for the human body, it can improve the content of "good cholesterol" and reduce "bad cholesterol" in the body, and assists in the delivery of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K).

xi. Lower blood sugar compared with other fruits, acai berry extract powder has a lower sugar content, which has less impact on blood sugar, and omega-9 can also help the pancreas regulate blood sugar! 12. Improve insomnia Because calcium and magnesium can soothe emotions, stabilize nerves and relax muscles, they can effectively help you fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep.

II. acai berry extract powder benefits for skin

The large amount of anthocyanins and vitamin E in the extract powder of Acai berry make it possess strong antioxidant power, which is almost 20 times that of blueberry. It can be called the crown of antioxidant fruits! It can help slow down aging and reduce the chance of fine lines. Vitamin A and omega-3 can moisturize skin, maintain skin health, beauty is the first choice!acai berry extract powder

III. acai berry extract powder description

Acai berry extract is extracted from Acai berry and its main component is Vitamin C. The Acaiberry, also known as Euterpe badiocarpa, Euterpe oleracea,Brazilian Acai, Acaiberry and so on, belongs to the palm family; Acai long slender tree, up to 15-25 m tall, trunk diameter about 10-15 cm, brown and purple flowers, leaves with red sheaths, mature acai fruit will turn from green to purple, size about 1-2 cm in diameter, each leaf sheaths arranged one by one, A thousand years of ancestral medicine in the region believe that acai berry can help heal wounds, clear blood, improve anemia, diarrhea, fever, bleeding, jaundice, liver disease, parasites and ulcers. Traditional Peruvian medicine has been used for diabetes, fever, hair loss, bleeding, hepatitis, yellow fever, kidney problems, liver disease, malaria, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain and muscle soreness.

IV. acai berry extract powder for weight loss

i. Intestinal cleansing and detoxification: promote intestinal peristalsis

Omega3 fatty acids in acai berries facilitate fluidity between cell membranes, nutrient absorption and waste removal.

ii. Purify the digestive system: eliminate fat residues

The high fiber content of acai keeps you from feeling hungry and provides the nutrients your body needs to cleanse your digestive system of fat residues so your body doesn't store too much harmful fat.

iii. 3Fat metabolism: Burn calories

Acai berries contain a special digestive enzyme that helps promote digestion and metabolism, which can speed up metabolism and fat burning.

iv. Supplement nutrition: metabolize fat and supplement vitamins

On the one hand, acai berries burn calories and metabolize fat. On the other hand, acai berries improve energy, strength and vitality because they are rich in a variety of nutrients, including vitamin B1, B2, B3, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, omega fatty acids and valuable trace elements.

Through the above points can be seen that acai extract powder can play a good role in weight loss.

V. acai berry extract powder for hair

Acai extract powder is good for hair because it contains rich vitamins. Generally speaking, hair growth is actually the synthesis of proteins and the differentiation of hair blast cells. Vitamins related to these functions are vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin D and vitamin E. Think VITAMIN B GROUP COMMONLY (B2, B6, B9) AND HAIR HEALTH GIVES BIRTH TO CONCERN IS THE BIGGEST.

VI. acai berry extract powder ingredients

Acai Berry powder (100 g) extract freeze-dried contains the following nutrients:

533.9 calories, 52.2 g carbohydrates,8.1 g protein, 32.5 g total fat partial carbohydrates, 44.2 g dietary fiber, hypoglycemic value (pulp is not sweet). , minimal vitamin C and vitamin A, 260 mg calcium, 4.4 mg iron, aspartate, glutamate amino acids and 7.59 g; Fat content included oleic acid (56.2% of total fat), palmitic acid (24.1%) and linoleic acid (12.5%); β-sitosterol (78-91% of total sterol), anthocyanin oligomers and vanillic acid, syringic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, protocatechuic acid, ferulic acid. Frozen Acai Berry powder (100g) contains cyanine (3.19mg/g), 12 flavonoids: This includes homoorientin, abolian, taxifolin, deoxyhexose, isovitexin, scoparin, proanthocyanidins (12.89 mg/g), low level resveratrol (1.1 MCG/g), anthocyanins, proanthocyanadins and other polyphenolic compounds.