Yam powder's application and efficacy
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Yam powder's application and efficacy

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What is yam root powder?

"Mountain medicine powder is ground into powder, mountain medicine taste sweet flat, into the spleen meridian, kidney meridian, lung meridian. Yam can nourish the spleen and stop diarrhea, and can be used for spleen deficiency, loose stool or diarrhea, dangshen, Atractylodes atractylodes, poria cocos and lotus seeds. Chinese yam can also nourish lung qi and stop coughing. It is shared with Dangshen, Ophiopogon and schisandra fruit."

What is purple wild yam powder used for?

1. Purple mountain medicine powder can supplement nutritionbuy yam powder -Realclearbio

People eat purple mountain powder can absorb a variety of nutrients, such as protein, sugar and choline and calcium, amino to iron and a variety of vitamins, are the most important presence of purple mountain powder, the human body after absorbing these nutrients, can meet the needs of a variety of organs in the body for nutrition, play a good tonifying role.

2. Health care effect of purple mountain medicine powder

Purple mountain medicine powder has excellent health care effect, after eating can improve the human body's resistance to disease, but also regulate blood pressure and blood fat, but also reduce blood sugar, can effectively increase vascular elasticity, protect the heart, reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. The medicinal efficacy of purple Chinese herb powder

Purple mountain medicinal efficacy of powder is also very good, it can qingrejiedu can phlegm cough more hot and humid, can at ordinary times can be used for human enteritis, heat stroke, and the treatment of a variety of diseases such as colds and coughs, treatment effect is obvious, to eat more at ordinary times some purple mountain powder can prevent and the occurrence of eczema and dermatitis of bacterial sepsis.

What is Chinese Yam powder good for?

1.Can fill the spleen and stomach, because from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine food therapy, mountain medicine powder sweet, flat, into the spleen and stomach, for the spleen and stomach weakness caused by diarrhea, eating less, edema, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, if appropriate to eat mountain medicine powder has a good effect of spleen and stomach;

2. Can strengthen kidney and benefit essence, because mountain medicine powder also into the kidney meridian, for kidney deficiency caused by frequency of urination, urination, urination pain, early white beard and hair, dizziness and tinnitus, waist and knee soreness, waist and leg pain, if appropriate to eat mountain medicine powder, through nourishing the kidney meridian and has a good effect of strengthening kidney and benefit essence.

Is yam extract powder for weight loss?

Helpful. Yam can promote digestive function, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, avoid obesity, and increase immune function. Detoxification effect is best with raw food. Peel white yam and pineapple can be cut into small pieces and made into juice to drink. It has the function of invigorating stomach and intestines.Yam powder supplier -Realclearbio

Is dehydrated yam powder good for health?

Yam can purify the blood, and the Chinese yam is a good thing, are rich in nutrients, a lot of mucus proteins are able to supply the human body, have special health care function to human body, can prevent cardiovascular system of fat deposition, maintain the elasticity of blood vessel, preventing premature atherosclerosis occurs, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, avoid obesity.