Best rosemary leaf oil with functions and application
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Best rosemary leaf oil with functions and application

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Rosemary's main function is as an antioxidant. Rosemary leaf oil benefits liver and gallbladder and helps detoxify. Rosemary leaf oil can be used for people with weak hearts, and in low doses can lower blood pressure. It can also help with menstrual insufficiency and relieve rheumatic pain, gout and headaches. Moreover, rosemary leaf oil can improve blood circulation and strengthen loose skin after weight loss. Its extracts rosemary acid, has a strong antioxidant, even than vitamin E, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, folic acid and other components of the antioxidant is also high.

Rosmarinic uses

Rosemary leaves have many uses, such as health care, refreshing, lowering blood sugar, convergence and other effects, eliminating flatulence, enhancing memory, refreshing, relieving headache symptoms, improving the phenomenon of hair loss.best rosemary leaves -Realclearbio

Efficacy details:

i. Health care: eliminate stomach flatulence, enhance memory, refreshing, relieve headache symptoms, improve the phenomenon of hair loss. In addition to colds, abdominal distension, obesity is also very effective.

ii. Refreshing: rosemary tea has the fragrance that can make your head clear, can enhance the function of brain, can improve headache, increase memory, the student that needs a lot of memory might as well drink rosemary tea more.

iii. Hypoglycemia: improve speech, vision and hearing disorders, enhance attention, treat rheumatic pain, strengthen liver function, reduce blood sugar, contribute to the treatment of arteriosclerosis, help paralytic limbs restore vitality.

iv. Convergence: with strong convergence effect, regulate greasy and unclean skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate hair regeneration.

Rosmarinic acid legend

Western folk spread numerous romantic legends of rosemary. Rosemary is said to have been used by the queen of ancient Hungary to bathe in it, and ancient people believed that it could strengthen the memory, so it was also known as a sea lighthouse for lost sailors to use its strong scent to locate land when they were lost on a ship.

The other two are related to Christianity and say that the smell of rosemary was given by Jesus, when Jesus was on his way from Judea to Egypt, he draped his clothes on rosemary, so that it had a fragrant, noble smell and divine power, so to speak, purification and exorcism were planted around the church, also known as the rose of the Virgin Mary. Another legend is that the flowers of rosemary were originally white when the Virgin Mary fled to Egypt with the baby Jesus and the sacred cloak was caught by rosemary, the flowers of rosemary suddenly turned azure in honor of the Virgin Mary, and since then the flowers of Rosemary have turned pale blue.

Rosemary is defined as a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Italian girls tap the fingers of their sweetheards with flowering rosemary and expect a positive response. Or it is woven into a tiara and placed on the couple's head during the wedding to represent loyalty. In addition, in the funeral ceremony, the Italian people also throw the small branches of rosemary into the grave of the dead, representing the respect and memory of the dead. In Victorian England, the word rosemary meant remembrance.

Rosmarinic acid extract application areas and edible methods

i. Rosemary is the third generation of pure natural organic green food additives recognized in the world. After fine processing and extraction, effective antioxidants such as rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid and ursolic acid can be obtained. From rosemary natural polyphenols antioxidant, has high oxidation resistance, good thermal stability performance, low cost of production and natural non-toxic characteristics, avoid the side effects of human body, its products are widely used in all kinds of food, meat product, beverage, oral liquid, aquatic products, natural pigment, cosmetics, health products and cardiovascular drugs and all kinds of edible oil and oil rich in food, At present, there is a trend to gradually replace the widely used synthetic antioxidants, which are recognized as the best third generation of edible natural antioxidants.

ii. Rosemary leaf extract can be highly processed or extract essential oil, rosemary essential oil can be powerful convergence, tight to lose weight, anti-wrinkle, adjust the action of the cortex, mainly used for weight loss, toning, breast enhancement, beauty essential oil can improve language, vision, hearing obstacles, strengthen the attention, treat rheumatic pain, strengthen the liver function, reduce blood sugar, is helpful to the treatment of atherosclerosis, Revitalize paralyzed limbs. It has strong convergence effect, conditioning oily and unclean skin, promoting blood circulation and stimulating hair regeneration. Make loose skin firmer after weight loss. Rosemary essential oil is one of the traditional fragrances in Europe and the United States. It is widely used in perfumes (such as colognes), solutions, cosmetics, aftershave, soaps and air fresheners. At the same time has a strong repellent effect, is also a good natural preservative.buy rosemary leaves -Realclearbio

iii. As A salad lettuce, if you add rosemary leaves when steamed, the special aroma will be easy to add to the dish. For longer heating, dry rosemary or add a little rosemary powder after cooking. Rosemary flowers can also be used in salads, dishes, spices and flavor.

iv. Rosemary herbal tea is good for the heart, relieves pain, and AIDS sleep (Gao,2000). Usually, 5-10 cm of tender shoots are washed and placed in your pot for 2-3 minutes before drinking. The longer the time, the stronger the flavor will be. Add the tender shoots to the lemon soda water for a better flavor.

v. Drink a small glass of rosemary infused wine every day to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Also makes vanilla vinegar. And rosemary leaf, mint and anise leaf in boiled water for 20 minutes, the filtered as a mouthwash, maintain oral cavity, scented tea of blunt adjustment: rosemary (moderate), hot water (400 cc), honey or sugar (because of the need to use) the rosemary into the pot, add hot water, brew for 3-5 minutes, add honey or sugar can drink.

vi. Rosemary is widely used in cooking. The fresh and tender branches and leaves have a strong aroma, which can eliminate the smell of meat. A few tender stems and leaves (don't use too much to avoid damaging the original taste of food) can be used to roast pork chops (pork chops, lamb chops and beef chops). Roast chicken with rosemary, the flavour is excellent.