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Chuanxiong rhizome

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Chuanxiong rhizoma benefits

Ligusticum Chuanxiong root generally has the effect and effect of activating qi and opening stagnation,promoting blood circulation and relieving pain,etc.It can be consumed by boiling porridge.Ligusticum Chuanxiong can be used to treat symptoms such as air-cold headache,dizziness,rib pain and postpartum bruise. Ligustrazine root contains ligustrazine,sodium ferulate,ligustrolide,volatile oil and other components.Ligustrazine is the main active component of ligustrazine, which has strong effects of dilating microvessels and improving microcirculation.It is mainly used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases,pulmonary hypertension,chronic renal failure and so on.However,hypertensive headache,brain tumor headache,irascibility headache and other patients should not eat.

1.Morphological characteristics

Chuan dome is an irregular nodular fist-shaped mass with a diameter of 2~7cm.The surface is yellowish brown,rough and wrinkled,with most of the parallel raised round nodes,the apex has a depression like round stem marks,and the lower side and the round nodes have most of the small nodular root marks.The quality is solid,not easy to break,the section yellowish white or grayish yellow,scattered yellowish brown oil chamber,cambium is wavy ring grain.The air is thick and fragrant,bitter and pungent. Slightly numb tongue feeling,micro back sweet.

2.The specific application Chuanxiong Rhizoma

i.Pain syndrome of blood stasis and Qi stagnation.This PRODUCT XINSAN Wentong,not only can activate blood stasis,but also can do Qi analgesia,"Qi medicine in the blood,with access to Qi and blood effect,so the treatment of Qi stagnation blood stasis of the chest and flank,abdominal pain.It is often used as salvia miltiorrhiza,cinnamomum osmanthus and sandalwood to treat chest arthralgia and heartache caused by blood stasis.If the treatment of liver depression and Qi stagnation of the hypochaegia,often with bupleurum,paeony,incense,such as bupleurum Shugan SAN (" Jingyue Complete book ");Such as liver blood stasis,accumulation of ruffian,thorax tingling,more and the same with peach kernel,safflower,such as blood fu Zhuyu soup (" medical ").If the treatment of falling servant injury,bruising pain,can match frankincense,myrrh,panax notoginseng and other medicinal.Chuanxiong Shan "regulates meridian water and opens Yujie in the middle",which is a medicine for gynecology,can promote blood circulation and regulate meridian,and can be used to treat a variety of gynecology and obstetrics diseases. Such as the treatment of blood stasis meridian closure,dysmenorrhea, often with red peony, peach kernel equivalent,such as blood fuzhuyu soup (" medical Lin correct mistakes "); If it is cold congealing blood stasis, can be matched with cinnamic heart, angelica, such as warm classics soup (" Women's complete prescription "); If the treatment of postpartum lochia, blood stasis abdominal pain, can be matched with angelica, peach kernel, ginger, such as biochemical soup (" Fu Qing ZhuNvke "); If the treatment of irregular menstruation, premature or wrong period, can be matched with Motherwort, Angelica, such as Yimu ShengJindan (" Medical heart ").

ii.Headache, rheumatism and numbness.This product Xinwensheng powder can "go up", dispel wind and relieve pain.It is necessary to treat headache. It can be used in combination with the syndrome regardless of wind chill, wind heat, rheumatism, blood deficiency and blood stasis.Treat cold headache, with Qiang live, asarum, angelica dahurica, such as Chuanxiong tea Tiaosan (" and agent Bureau Fang "); If match chrysanthemum, gypsum, silkworm, can treat wind heat headache, such as Chuanxiong SAN (" health care "); If the treatment of rheumatism and headache, can be matched with Qiang live, live alone, windproof, such as Qiang live Sheng wet soup (" Internal and external injury differentiation Theory "); Match angelica, paeony, take the work of this product dispelling wind and relieving pain, can treat blood deficiency headache, if add taste four things soup (" golden want "); If the treatment of blood stasis headache, can be matched with red peony, musk, such as Tongqiao Huoxue soup (" Medical forest correction ").

Pharmacological effects

Ligustrazine can dilate coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, improve myocardial oxygen supply, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption. Ligustrazine can dilate cerebral blood vessels, reduce vascular resistance, significantly increase brain and limb blood flow, and improve microcirculation. It can reduce platelet surface activity, inhibit platelet agglutination and prevent thrombosis.The neutral component of ferulic acid can promote uterine smooth muscle in small doses and inhibit uterine smooth muscle in large doses.Water decoction has sedative effect on the central nervous system of animals, and has obvious and lasting antihypertensive effect.It can accelerate the absorption of local hematoma and promote the formation of callus. It has anti-vitamin E deficiency effect; Can inhibit a variety of bacilli; It has antihistamine and cholelithiasis.