How Do You Use Hawthorn Berry Powder?
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How Do You Use Hawthorn Berry Powder?

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Hawthorn powder is a common food in daily life, rich in a variety of nutrients, after eating the right amount of health care and prevention of disease, how should hawthorn powder eat? The following introduces the edible methods of hawthorn powder.

I、Flush with waterHawthorn Powder Price

The simplest way to eat hawthorn powder is to wash water to drink, when you want to eat hawthorn powder can take ten to fifteen grams of hawthorn powder, put it directly in a clean glass, add five to ten grams of white sugar with a clean spoon, and then rushed into the boiling water of about 90 degrees, in the process of flushing to constantly stir, to let hawthorn powder and sugar completely dissolve in water, After the adjustment, you can drink it directly when the temperature is cool to warm.

II、 Cook porridge

Hawthorn powder can also cook porridge to eat, we need to prepare 80 grams of rice when cooking porridge, wash it into the pot and boil it, when the porridge is cooked to seven mature, then take 20 grams of hawthorn powder in the pot, put a few pieces of rock sugar and continue to cook for 15 minutes or so, after cooking, turn off the heat and stew for 15 minutes, then the pot of porridge can be cooked well, After taking it out, the taste is particularly good, and the human body can absorb and utilize the effective nutrients in hawthorn powder as soon as possible.

III、 Hawthorn jelly

Hawthorn powder can be made into hawthorn cake to eat, first prepare 60 grams of hawthorn powder and 50 grams of lotus root powder, in addition to prepare 300 grams of white sugar and an appropriate amount of water, the prepared hawthorn powder poured into the pot, add the prepared sugar and an appropriate amount of water to mix, and then slowly heating and boiling after the appropriate amount of cold white open, then cook with a small fire into a sticky paste, Take it out and put it in the mold to cool down, and when it cools down, it will solidified, and after the mold will be ready to hawthorn cake.

IV、Make hawthorn and yam paste

Hawthorn powder can be mixed with yam to make hawthorn yam paste to eat, you can prepare 50 grams of yam, 50 grams of rice, hawthorn powder 20 grams, the first ready to peel the yam after chopped into mud, and then the rice has been prepared into the pot to cook porridge, and then add the prepared hawthorn powder to mix, and so on the pot of porridge cooked into a bowl to dry until warm can be eaten.

The above is the introduction of hawthorn powder eating methods, hawthorn bee can drink water, eat porridge, make hawthorn cake, do hawthorn yam paste and so on to eat.

V、The edible value of hawthorn powder

Hawthorn contains a variety of vitamins, tartaric acid, citric acid, hawthorn acid, malic acid, but also contains flavonoids, lactones, sugars, proteins, fats and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, contained lipase can promote the digestion of fatty foods. It can treat indigestion and coronary heart disease, because the flavonoids contained in hawthorn can expand the coronary artery, increase the blood flow of the coronary artery, promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase the enzyme in the stomach. Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has the effect of eliminating accumulation and stagnation, astringent and dysentery, activating blood and removing stasis. Treating diet stagnation, chest and diaphragm fullness, hernia blood stasis amenorrhea and other diseases. Hawthorn contains siterpenoids, flavonoids and other drug components, which have significant vasodilation and antihypertensive effects, and have the functions of strengthening myocardium, anti-arrhythmia, regulating lipid and cholesterol content.

Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease (including angina pectoris) should often drink hawthorn powder sugar water. Treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, fatty liver, these patients every eclipse hawthorn powder, insist on eating for a period of time, has the effect of reducing blood pressure and lipid. To treat constipation, take 2 to 3 fresh hawthorn powder to take, has the effect of laxation, can be used to prevent dry mouth thirst and constipation caused by body fluid loss. Treatment of gynecological diseases, take hawthorn powder 3 to 5 grains, water to eat, even take 7 days, can be used to prevent and cure women amenorrhea, lower abdominal bulge. However, although hawthorn powder is good, pregnant women and peptic ulcer patients should not eat more, and it is generally not recommended to eat more on an empty stomach.

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