Quinoa Effects of growers
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Quinoa Effects of growers

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Increases in the price of quinoa between 2006 and 2017 may have made quinoa less affordable for traditional consumers.However,a 2016 study using the Peruvian Encuesta Nacional de Hogares found that quinoa price increases between 2004 and 2013 resulted in net economic benefits for producers,Other reviews have reached similar conclusions,especially among women.The impact of price spikes on Andean quinoa consumption, which mostly affected the urban poor rather than the farmers themselves, was attenuated when prices fell in 2015.It has also been argued that as quinoa producers rose to above subsistence income, they shifted their consumption towards Western processed foods, which are often less healthy than traditional quinoa-based diets despite quinoa.The nutritional value of wheat is poor.Efforts are underway in some areas to distribute quinoa more widely and to ensure that agricultural and poor populations have access to it and understand its nutritional importance, including for free school breakfasts and distribution to Government food for pregnant and lactating women in need.


In terms of wider social consequences, research on traditional producers  highlights a complex picture.The extent to which individual producers benefit from the global quinoa boom depends on how they produce, for example through producer associations and cooperatives such as the Asociación Nacional de Productores de Quinua (founded in the 1970s), through vertically integrated private sector contracting firms, or hired labor.State regulation and enforcement may facilitate the shift of some farmers to cash crops and the shift of many to subsistence production, while enabling many urban refugees to return to work on the land, with complex and diverse social impacts.

The growth in the consumption of quinoa outside its native area has raised concerns about the food security of the original consumers, and the unsustainable intensification of the crop, which extends cultivation to other marginal agricultural lands while causing loss of the natural environment, threatens Producer Sustainability Quinoa Agriculture and Biodiversity.The media sometimes singles out the world's need for quinoa, especially the rise of vegetarianism,but one scholar commented that despite quinoa's drawbacks,in most cases it is a meat-producing Still less sustainable than quinoa.