Senna Leaf Extract
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Senna Leaf Extract

Botanical nameCassia angustifolia Vahl.

Grade:Food Grade

Certificates: Kosher/ HALAL

Supply Ability:5 Tons/month

Sample: Free Sample 5-20g

Shelf Life:2 years

Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Package:1kg/bag, 25kg/paper drum

Delivery Method: DHL/ FedEx/ By air/ By sea

Payment MethodT/T, L/C, PayPal


Senna Leaf Extract Powder Description

Senna leaf extract is made from dried leaves of Cassia angustifolia V or Cassia acutifolia L. The conventional specifications are sennosidesSenna Leaf Extract buy-ruikeli 8%, 10%, 20%, 40% HPLC. Sennoside can clear heat and promote stagnation, facilitate water flow, detoxify and nourish the skin, and can promote gastrointestinal motility and cause diarrhea. It also has a certain antibacterial function, and can still be used clinically for acute pancreatitis, bacillary dysentery, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, cholecystitis, and postpartum regurgitation. Mainly used in medicine, weight loss health care products, etc.

Sennoside A Features:

1. Good water solubility, completely water soluble, no precipitation, transparent liquid (1g product dissolved in 500ml at room temperature, the color is transparent and no impurities)

2. Not easy to agglomerate (adsorption resin is used in the process to remove polysaccharides, chlorophyll and other components that are easy to absorb moisture)

3. The taste is relatively light, and the strong taste and smell are removed through the adsorption process, and the taste is suitable.

4. The effect is obvious (the effect of Sennoside A in senna leaf extract is the most obvious, and people who take 150-300mg will have a strong bowel movement within 8-12 hours)

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Product Description

Product Name:

Senna Leaf Extract 

Botanical name:

Cassia angustifolia Vahl.


Dark Brown to Brown Powder

Part Used:



Sennoside (A+B) 8%, 10%, 20%, 40% 

Test Method:


Extraction Type:

Solvent Extraction




Promote gastrointestinal motility and cause diarrhea

※Antibacterial   ※Heat-clearing stagnation

Constipation abdominal pain


Dietary Supplements Loosing Weight Health Products Pharmaceuticals

Molecular Formula: C42H38O20Senna Leaf Extract for sale-ruikeli

Molecular Mass: 862.73912

CAS No.: 85085-71-8

Constitutional Formula:

Sennoside B Market Expectation:

Senna has a broad clinical application prospect, which has gone beyond the scope of laxative and swelling, especially for the treatment of certain emergencies.

Pharmacological experiments have proved that this product has Chemicalbook effects such as antibacterial, diarrhea, hemostasis, muscle relaxation and antispasmodic, and anti-gastric mucosal damage.

In addition to the diameter of the large intestine, its return path should also include the diameter of the liver, the diameter of the spleen, and the diameter of the stomach.

However, the toxic and spicy side effects of senna are also a problem that cannot be ignored. The cause of its occurrence is not only related to the individual differences of patients, but also mainly related to the excessive dosage of the drug.

Production process of Senna Leaf Extract:

The leaves of Senna angustifolia are picked before flowering, dried in the shade, graded according to the size and quality of the leaves, and packed under pressure.

When the fruit is ripe, the branches of Senna are cut off, the leaves are picked, dried, and packed according to intact leaves and broken leaves.

Senna raw medicinal materials are crushed into coarse powder, extracted with water at 70~80℃Chemicalbook, the extract is separated, and concentrated in a centrifugal thin film evaporator (below 45℃) to about 10 baume (heat measurement). The concentration process cannot exceed 2 hours, the temperature can not exceed 60 ℃, spray drying.

The product produced by this process contains about 3% sennoside, and the yield is about 10%.

 Testing Index of Senna Leaf Extract

Particle Size:

NLT 100% 80mesh









Heavy metal:

10ppm max



Total Plate Count:

1000cfu/g max

Yeast / Mold:

100cfu/g max

E. Coli:




 Senna Leaf Extract Package and Delivery 

By Express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Suitable for more than 50kg

Suitable for more than 500kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Fast:  3-7 days

Slow: 7-45 days

Hight Cost

Hight Cost

Low Cost

Door to door service

Port to port

Port to port

Easy to pick up the goods

Professional broker needed

Professional broker needed

Our advantage on producing Senna Leaf Extract:

I. Raw material control for Senna Leaf:Senna Leaf Extract wholesale-ruikeli

1) Select high quality raw materials.

2) Strictly control the quality of raw materials: inspection of bulk samples before entering the factory -- random inspection of batches at the time of entering the factory.Ensure no mildew, reasonable control of impurities, absolute content in a controlled range.

II. Production Control Senna Leaf Extract:

1) Whole pollution-free pipeline input to ensure that the production process is rigorous, clean and qualified for microorganisms.

2) To ensure complete, accurate and traceable sampling detection for each process in the production process.

3) Ensure that the whole process of powder collecting and packaging is completed in an orderly manner in the Cleaning Area without foreign body invasion.

Senna Leaf Extract cost-ruikeli

Senna Leaf Extract bulk-ruikeli

III. Quality Control for Senna Leaf Extract:

1) Ensure the cleanness of the mixing program.

2) Ensure the accuracy of finished product testing.

3) If the finished products are not qualified, the previous process shall be traced immediately.

4) Guarantee that the unqualified products will not be put into storage or leave the factory.

Iv. Service Control

1) Guarantee 20-50 grams of free pre-shipment sample testing to customers.

2) Follow up the customer's detection of samples and problems found until the problems are solved.

3) Complete all customer requirements and related documents for products.

4) Customize product color, content, packaging, labeling and transportation according to customer requirements.

5) Customers' feedback on product problems shall be guaranteed to give positive and effective response within 24 hours.