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Botanical name: Senna
Grade: Food Grade
Certificates: Kosher/ HALAL
Supply Ability: 10 Tons/month
Sample: Free Sample 5-20g
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage: Store in cool and dry place
Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/paper drum
Delivery Method: DHL/ FedEx/ By air/ By sea
Payment Method: T/T, L/C, PayPal

Product Description

Sennosides are a type of cheap botanical extract derived from the leaves and pods of the Senna plant. They are widely used as a natural laxative in the pharmaceutical industry due to their ability to stimulate bowel movements. Sennosides for sale can be found from various manufacturers and suppliers in the market. The cost and price of Sennosides can vary depending on the quality, purity, and quantity of the extract. For those looking to buy Sennosides, wholesale options may be available to reduce the cost. Alternatively, searching for cheap Sennosides or buy plant extract options may also help to find a more affordable option.

Sennosides dosage

Take 2-6g with boiling water.

Sennosides benefits

i. Laxative effect

This product has significant laxative effect on mice, rats, rabbits and other animals as well as on humans. Mice and rabbits caused diarrhea 2-4 days after taking the medicine, and in humans diarrhea is caused about 6 hours after oral administration. The purgative effect of sennoside A is the strongest, while the purgative effect of sennoside C is similar to that of A, but its content is small. A20mg/kg can cause diarrhea in mice. However, if A is mixed with 20% C, the effect of sennoside A can be increased by 1.6 times. It can be partially absorbed in the small intestine, and then enters the large intestine through the blood stream or bile, and mainly enters the large intestine directly from the small intestine. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, it can be hydrolyzed and reduced to become anthracene rhubaric or anthracene rhubaric 8-glucoside. Since the purgative effect of direct injection of rhubaric anthrone was not affected, and the production of rhubaric anthrone in the intestine was significantly reduced, it is believed that the real component of diarrhea caused by sennoside was anthrone rhubaric acid. On the other hand, in the inverted small intestine and colon,sennosides can prevent the transport of glucose and Na across intestinal wall, indicating that it can inhibit the absorption of glucose, sodium and water in the intestine, increase the content of the intestinal cavity and stimulate the intestinal wall reflexes to enhance the peristalsis of the small intestine and colon, which may also be one of the laxative mechanisms, and the small intestine is also the role of the purging components.

ii. Hemostatic effect

Effective for gastric and duodenal bleeding. The water extract of senna leaves was sprayed on the gastric bleeding area under the gastroscope and it can be seen to have an immediate hemostatic effect when viewed directly. Intraperitoneal injection of 200mg/kg senna significantly shortened the bleeding time of mice. When senna leaves are taken orally, the platelet count and fibrinogen content can be increased, and the coagulation time, thromboplastin time, plasma recalcification ecovery time and clot contraction time can be shortened. In addition, the protective effect of senna leaf on gastric mucosal injury induced by hydrochloric acid and indomethacin is also beneficial to the prevention and treatment of gastric and duodenal bleeding.

iii. Antibacterial action

Senna leaf extract has an inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Proteus, dysentery bacillus, Streptococcus A, as well as Candida albicans and certain pathogenic skin fungi.

iv. Other effects

Intraperitoneal injection of 50mg/kg of sennoside can restore the reduced histamine content of intestinal mucosa to normal level in experimental rats with intestinal stem Yin. In addition, it has been reported that this product has a curritoxin-like effect, which can block the transmission of nerve - muscle joint impulse, prevent the binding of acetylcholine and M receptor and cause muscle relaxation.

v. Toxicity study

The LD50 of mice injected with GPT was 1.414g/kg, which was equivalent to 36.3g/kg of crude drug.

vi. Sengaloside has the function of clearing heat and stagnation, passing convenient water, detoxifying and nourishing the skin, promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and causing diarrhea. And a certain antibacterial function, clinical still can be used for acute pancreatitis, dysentery, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, cholecystitis, postpartum lactation, etc. Mainly used in medicine, weight loss health products and so on.

Senna Leaf manufacturer -RealClearBio

Sennosides classification 

i. Senatoside A

Chemical name :(R*,R*)-5,5¢ - Bis (b - D - glucopyranosyloxy) - 9, 9 & cent; , 10, 10 & cent; - tetrahydro - 4 & cent; - dihydroxy - 10, 10 & cent; - dioxo [9, 9 & cent; - bianthracene] - 2, 2, & cent; -dicarboxylic acid

Component classification: Anthraquinone glycosides

Molecular weight :863.74

Molecular formula :C42H38O20

Physical and chemical properties: this product is yellow crystal (acetone), melting point 200~240℃, optical rotation -164°(c=0.1, 60% acetone), optical rotation -147°(c=0.1, 70% acetone), optical rotation -24°(c=0.2, 70% dioxane). This product is insoluble in water, benzene, ether and chloroform; Slightly soluble in methanol, acetone and dioxane; Dissolved in sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution. Microherb studies have shown that the solubility of this product increases rapidly in water-organic solvent homogeneous systems, up to 30% under optimal conditions.

Stability :Microherb studies have shown that this product will decompose when exposed to air and sunlight. It is recommended to keep it sealed at low temperature and away from light.

ii. Senegaloside B

Cas No. :128-57-4

English name :Sennoside B

Alias: sennoside B, sennoside B

Chemical Name:

(9R,9¢ S) - 5, 5 & cent; - Bis (b - D - glucopyranosyloxy) - 9, 9 & cent; , 10, 10 & cent; - tetrahydro - 4 & cent; - dihydroxy - 10, 10 & cent; - dioxo [9, 9 & cent; - bianthracene] - 2, 2, & cent; -dicarboxylic acid

Molecular weight :863.74

Molecular formula :C42H38O20

Solubility: This product is light yellow riblike crystal (acetone), melting point 180~186℃, optical rotation -100°(c=0.2, 70% acetone), optical rotation -67°(c=0.4, 70% dioxyhexyclic). The solubility is the same as that of senatoside A, but the solubility is greater than senatoside A.

iii. Senegaloside C

English name: Sennoside C

Chinese alias:

English alias:

Cas No. : 37271-16-2

Product code: BP1294

Molecular formula: C42H40O19

Molecular weight: 848.763

iv. Senatoside D

CAS No. :37271-17-3

English name :SennosideD

English synonyms :SennosideD; [9, 9 '- Bianthracene] - 2 - carboxylicacid, 5, 5' - bis (beta - D - glucopyranosyloxy) - 9, 9, 10, 10 '- tetrahydro - 4, 4' - dihChemicalbookydroxy - 2 '- (hydroxymethyl) - 10, 10' - dioxo -, (9 '9 r, S) - the rel -

Chinese name: sennoside D

Chinese synonyms: senatoside D; Sennoside D; Albuminoside D; Sennoside D(control substance); Sennoside D(standard)


Molecular formula :C42H40O19

Molecular weight :848.76MOL

Sennosides definition

Senna is a derivative of dihydronaphthalene in senna leaves. It is an effective part of senna leaves with high content, and is also the main active ingredient of laxative hemostasis in senna leaves. It comes mainly from the leaves of the legumes cassia or cassia.

Function of sennosides

The main advantages of water detumescence, antibacterial, defecation, hemostasis, diarrhea heat stagnation and other effects, the taste of this drug is bitter, medicine is relatively cold, in most cases will be used to treat real heat constipation, abdominal pain, water swelling, heat stagnation, gallstones, digestive tract bleeding and other diseases, the general treatment effect is also relatively good.

Sennosides health benefits

i. Treat constipation

ii. Treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and urinary calculi.

iii. Treat bacillary dysentery.

iv. Treatment of peptic ulcer bleeding.

v. Treatment of chronic renal failure.

vi. Used for abdominal X-ray, colonoscopy, and as a intestinal cleanser before surgery.


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