White pepper's effects and precautions
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White pepper's effects and precautions

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What is pure white pepper powder?

White pepper is a very good condiment made by pressing the fruit of a tropical plant called the pepper tree. The ingredients in white pepper are very good, it gives off a very fragrant taste from the inside out, and pepper not only has. It has a spicy taste and a bitter taste. White pepper is mainly made of fully mature fruit, white pepper is also very versatile, it can remove the smell, very suitable for meat dishes when adding a little.

Precautions for eating Chinese white pepper powder

First, when we use pepper, remember not to fry in high temperature, if it is when we do dishes, we had better be in. Just before the dish is ready to go, sprinkle it with pepper, it's delicious, and the heat won't spoil the pepper or create any bad stuff.

The second point, need to pay attention to, if it is pepper and meat together when cooking, so do not pay attention to the time can not cook too long, otherwise the taste of pepper will be dispersed.white pepper powder for sale-Realclearbio

The third thing to note is that if we have pepper, we need to refrigerate it, and we need to keep it in a closed environment. Its freshness time is very short, which we should also pay attention to.

The effect of dry white pepper powder

Pepper powder is made from the crushed fruit of the tropical plant pepper tree. It is mainly produced in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries, as well as Guangdong Province and Hainan Island of China. It is not only a good condiment, but also a precious medicine. Pepper can be used as medicine and food. In Traditional Chinese medicine, pepper has the function of warming the stomach and dispersing cold.

White pepper is the main flavor, the fruit contains volatile oil 1-2%, piperine 8-9%, also contains crude fat, protein, starch, soluble nitrogen and other substances. Pepper powder contains special ingredients to make pepper has a unique aroma, as well as bitter and spicy taste, become popular with the people with spicy seasoning.

1. The main component of white pepper is piperine, which also contains a certain amount of aromatic oil, crude protein, crude fat and soluble nitrogen.

2. White pepper The smell of pepper increases appetite;

3. White pepper warm heat, cold stomach pain caused by stomach cold, bowel sound diarrhea has a good relief effect, and treatment of cold cold;

4. White pepper has anti-corrosion antibacterial effect, can solve fish and shrimp meat poison;

5. Black pepper has a stronger spicy taste than white pepper, which can remove fishiness and enhance flavor. It is more used for cooking visceral dishes and seafood dishes.

6.        White pepper has great medicinal value, which can dissipate cold and nourish the stomach, increase appetite, help digestion and promote sweating. Also can improve female leucorrhea abnormality and epilepsy.

7. White pepper has a slightly higher medicinal value and less flavoring effect. Its taste is more pungent than black pepper, so it is more effective in dispelling cold and invigorating the stomach.

Can pregnant women eat white pepper powder?

As a common seasoning in the kitchen, white pepper is fragrant and irritating. As pregnant women are special groups, many new mothers will have questions about whether they can eat it or how to eat it. October pregnancy for the first time, don't worry, next we will see if pregnant women can eat white pepper.buy white pepper powder -Realclearbio

This pregnant woman should be careful to eat, because different people will have different reactions after eating.

White pepper is a hot seasoning. If pregnant women use white pepper in large quantities, it will lead to fire or oral diseases in pregnant women. If you have no reaction after eating, you can choose to eat, if you have adverse reaction after eating, you should not eat again.

White pepper in the soup, especially when shandong hu spicy soup, there will be a lot of this seasoning, women in the choice to eat these foods, should pay attention to avoid accidents due to ignorance.

If you are not sure that you have an unexpected reaction to pepper, I suggest that you do not eat pepper, after all, pregnancy is not easy for you.

How to buy ground white pepper powder?

In China's traditional food, seasonings also play a very important role. A variety of seasonings can enhance the flavor of food materials, which really makes many diners particularly favor it, among which white pepper is one of the most important seasonings to improve freshness. Pepper is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Hainan and other places, is one of the most famous products in Hainan, in the shopping mall, we can often see them. Looking at the pepper on the shelf, do you get the feeling that you don't know where to start? I don't know what to choose! If you want to know how to buy white pepper, then don't miss the wonderful information below. High quality white pepper particles larger, uniform, full, its powder spicy and stimulating taste strong, sneeze after smelling. And inferior taste is not thick commonly, do not sneeze after smelling. In addition, inferior pepper powder is generally mixed into the bran, rice bran, cypress sawdust, rice flour, pepper leaves, stems and other powder, when buying attention.

The difference between white and black pepper

White pepper and black pepper should be easy to tell apart, but if you were blindfolded and given only their scent, would you tell them apart? And the same pepper, what's the difference?

1. Taste

White pepper: slightly less aromatic, more spicy, can bring out the umami; Can be served with vegetarian dishes.

Black pepper: more fragrant, cooking can achieve spicy, delicious wake up the stomach effect, mostly used in meat dishes, especially beef.

2. The efficacybest white pepper powder -Realclearbio

Generally speaking, pepper is mostly grown in high temperature and long-term humid areas, with a spicy and hot taste, so it has a strong effect of dispersing cold and relieving pain in temperature. The more southerly the pepper grows, the warmer it is, because it absorbs the heat of the sun from the south. Therefore, hainan pepper heat is the strongest. White pepper has slightly higher medicinal value and less flavoring effect. Its taste is more pungent than black pepper, so it is more effective in dispelling cold and invigorating the stomach. People with cold lung phlegm can add white pepper to mutton soup to warm lung phlegm. Some people are easy to stomach pain, is caused by gastrointestinal deficiency and cold, can be in the stew when ginseng, atractylodes, and then put some white pepper seasoning, in addition to disperse cold, but also play a role in warming the spleen and stomach. Usually eat cold dishes, it is best to add white pepper, to cool cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black-colored food enters the kidney, so black pepper has a significant effect on warming the spleen and kidney, and can cure "jiming Diarrhea" caused by deficiency and cold of the spleen and kidney. The method is to drink broth flavoured with black pepper the night before.