Does spirulina help with body odor?
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Does spirulina help with body odor?

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Is spirulina powder the same as collagen?


The two ingredients are completely different and have different effects. Collagen comes from animal skin, such as pig skin, cow skin, chicken feet, pig feet, etc., while spirulina comes from algae in the sea. The main function of collagen is to increase the elasticity of skin, improve the health of bones, and is good for the body's ligaments and blood vessel walls. The main function of spirulina is to increase the body's vitamins and trace elements, and promote the body's metabolism and digestion. These two products are relatively safe food and can be taken together without time interval.Spirulina Powder for sale -Realclearbio

Can I apply blue spirulina powder on my face?


Spirulina tablets can of course do facial mask. The main ingredient of Spirulina tablets is spirulina powder, which can supplement many vitamins and inorganic salts, as well as the effect of strengthening the body. And, of course, it works great on your face. Can add facial moisture for example, moisten face skin, complement the nutrition composition that needs on face. The cleaning effect that spirulina piece makes face film is also very good, after apply facial ministry won't pull dry, blackhead acne also will be less.

Can organic spirulina powder brighten skin?

i. Spirulina can effectively improve the skin: the effect of spirulina contains a large number of chlorophyll, carotene, linolenic acid, and a variety of vitamins, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, promote the metabolism of skin cells, enhance the cell vitality, adjust fat metabolism, promote fat metabolism disorder caused by the excretion of toxic substances through the skin, and expel toxins and clear bowel poison, etc. Therefore, spirulina can effectively reduce skin chloasma, acne, age spots, can promote the growth of hair, and can prevent skin hair follicle descalification, dry skin, can maintain skin elasticity, luster and ruddiness.

ii. Spirulina can slow aging: Spirulina contains beta carrot more than vitamin E, gamma linolenic acid etc anti-ageing active substances, in addition, he has a lot of superoxide dismutase (SOD), can effectively eliminate the free radicals in the body, slow down the body's aging process, promote human body's enginery normalization, strong culture cell vitality, promote metabolism, delay the gonad atrophy, prevent arteriosclerosis, etc. Vitamin E, vitamin C and superoxide dismutase SOD play a major role in delaying aging.

ii. Spirulina has a certain effect on weight loss: Spirulina is a high protein, low calorie whole nutrition food, containing abundant plant protein is easy to be absorbed by the human body, and because the fat content is very little, so the heat generated is also very little, so it can achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Does spirulina protein powder help in weight loss?

Spirulina has a certain effect on weight loss. Spirulina can reduce blood lipids in the human body. With appropriate physical exercise, it can effectively discharge the garbage in the body in time and promote metabolism, so spirulina can be used. It is recommended to take spirulina in breakfast or 60 minutes before meals. It can be added with a small amount of vegetables and fruits to supplement nutrients. Dinner staple food to reduce, you can take spirulina 60 minutes before meals, can effectively improve the carrying capacity of red blood cells to ensure more adequate oxygen transport to the body, at the same time, we must cooperate with physical exercise to effectively lose weight.

Does spirulina powder help with body odor?

Spirulina is a famous a health care product. People with bad breath can go to eat spirulina. Spirulina itself for skin disease or other diseases have a very good health care function, such as effectively reducing the cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, regulating the body's immune system, protecting the stomach as well as the treatment of anemia and so on. It is very important. Spirulina has a lot of protein, amino acids, vitamins and zinc, selenium and other trace elements, so the people can go to eat, also want to better to remove bad breath, bad breath of the patients can also go to eat beans, beans of B vitamins, vitamin C, more plant protein and other ingredients, can be effective to regulate the digestive system, and kidney, etc.

What is the best time to take spirulina?

i. If spirulina is taken for daily health care, it should be taken half an hour or an hour before meals for the best effect. Take two to four tablets three times a day. If the patient does not sleep well, he can take 2 tablets before going to bed to help improve sleep quality.

ii. If students take spirulina, they also need to take it half an hour after meals, 2 times a day, 2-4 tablets each time. If necessary, you can also take 4 tablets during the exercise period to achieve the effect of health care.Spirulina Powder supplier -Realclearbio

iii. If suffering from anorexia, malnutrition, anemia, etc., need to take spirulina, generally also need to take half an hour after meals, 3 times a day, 4-6 tablets each time.

iv. Spirulina can also play an auxiliary role in treatment. If such patients take it, they need to take it half an hour or one hour before meals, three times a day, and 4-6 tablets each time.

v. If it is taken by obese people, it needs to be taken half an hour before meals, 3 times a day, 6-9 tablets each time. Always remember to control the dosage, too much is not good.

vi. If it is taken by the infirm after illness, it also needs to be taken half an hour after meal, 3 times a day, 4-6 tablets each time.

vii. Pregnant women, parturients, nursing mothers can also take spirulina, also need to take half an hour after meals. Usually in the fourth to seventh month of pregnancy, three times a day, each time four tablets. After the 8th month, take 4-6 tablets 3 times a day. Postpartum: take 4 tablets 2-3 times a day.

Different patients eat spirulina in different ways, and the dose is not the same, we must pay special attention to do the correct use is the beneficial guarantee of health. But in general, spirulina is usually eaten more after meals. Only in the case of daily health care, obese people or spirulina auxiliary treatment, it is necessary to remember to avoid taking the wrong method, resulting in unhealthy effects.