Euterpe Oleracea Extract
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Euterpe Oleracea Extract


I. Euterpe Oleracea extract definition

Euterpe Oleracea fruit, also known as acai berry, belongs to the palm family and is rich in amino acids, oils and fats. It contains high anthocyanins. It also contains a variety of flavonoids. It has a great nourishing, whitening and skin care effect. Vegetable Eta Palm extract is a powdery substance extracted from Euterpe Oleracea fruit.

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II. Euterpe Oleracea extract description

The main component of the vegetable Eta palm extract is Vitamin C, belonging to the palm family; the vegetable Eta palm tree is slender, up to 15-25 meters tall, the trunk diameter is about 10-15 cm, with brown and purple flowers, leaf sheaths with red colour. When ripe, the fruit changes from green to purple and is 1-2 cm in diameter. It is believed that vegetable Eta palm can help wounds, clear the blood, improving anemia, abdominal contamination, fever, hemorrhage chancroid, liver disease, parasites and ulcers, the secret is in the local traditional medicine, such as diabetes, fever, hair loss, bleeding, hepatitis, yellow gangrene, and kidney problems, liver disease, malaria, menstruation, Dysmenorrhea and muscle soreness it plays a significant role.