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Vegetable Juice Powder for sale

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  • 2022-05-06

    Is burdock powder good for you

    Burdock can help you lose weight. Burdock can discharge toxins from the body, replenish nutrients needed by the body in time, and adjust the body's balance ability. Can nourish the kidney, because burdock root contains inulin and volatile oil, burdock acid, a variety of polyphenols and aldehydes, and rich in cellulose and amino acids, inulin has aphrodisiac effect.

  • 2022-03-28

    Is spinach powder good for you

    Spinach contains a lot of potassium oxalate, into the human body after electrolytic oxalate ions will precipitate calcium ions, not only prevent the absorption of calcium, but also easy to generate calcium oxalate stones. Experts suggest that spinach should not be eaten within 2 hours before and after taking calcium tablets, or the spinach should be boiled before potassium oxalate is dissolved in water, and the water should be poured away before eating.