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green powder vegetable supplement suppliers

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  • 2022-11-02

    Overview of quinoa efficacy, ingredients and nutrition

    Quinoa is not only nutrient-rich food crops, or a kind of medical food homologous food, has very high nutritional medicinal and health care value.

  • 2022-07-13

    Specific yam powder important effects shared from Realclearbio

    The Chinese Herbal Chongyuan emphasizes that Chinese yam is good for muscles because it can "mend deficiency and lei lei". That is to say, Chinese yam is a "tonic". It can strengthen muscles, replenish energy and enhance physical fitness for weak people, which almost includes the effects pursued by modern people to eat various expensive "health care products".

  • 2022-05-09

    Is black sesame good for you

    Black sesame contains relatively high calcium element, which has a very significant effect on calcium supplement. Mention food supplement calcium, people is easy to think of milk and eggs, but do not know that the calcium content of black sesame is much higher than the first two, calcium in every hundred grams of black sesame is close to 800 milligrams, and calcium content in every hundred grams of milk is only about 200 milligrams.

  • 2021-11-03

    Does pepper have similar function with ginger in antibotics?

    Many varieties of capsicum (Capsicum annuum), such as red pepper, paprika, jalapeno, etc., have antibacterial properties.