Raspberry powder's benefits
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Raspberry powder's benefits

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What is raspberry powder good for?


100% decoction with plate hole method, staphylococcus has an inhibitory effect on vibrio cholerae also has an inhibitory effect.

Estrogen-like effect

The vaginal smear of rat, rabbit and the index such as inner membrane section show that raspberry seems to have estrogen effect.Raspberry Fruit Powder suppliers - RealclearBio

Anti-mutagenic effect

The experimental results revealed that the water-soluble extract of Fructus rubra had certain anti-mutagenesis effect, which provided a certain scientific basis for the development of fructus rubra into health food. Studied the mutagenesis and anti-mutagenesis effect of 22 edible wild plants from Xinjiang and other regions, and the results showed that fupan and other wild plants had the strongest anti-mutagenesis effect.

Warm kidney and help yang

After analysis found that the palm leaf raspberry fruit and leaves contain 17 kinds of amino acids, including 7 kinds of essential amino acids, polysaccharides, flavonoids, and other compounds. Edible has the effect of warming kidney and helping Yang.

Treatment of eye diseases

According to the raspberry with "description of repair deficiency and liver bright eye", researchers from Germany, raspberry contains a large amount of antioxidants, and this kind of material, after entering the body in the retina of eye concentration is higher, can effectively prevent the oxidation of the retina, and eliminate the retinal damage effects of free radicals. Therefore, raspberry can be used to protect or improve eyesight, as well as the treatment of age-related eye diseases (such as macular degeneration and other diseases) has a significant effect.

Improve your brain and puzzle

American researcher discovers, raspberry has the action of healthy brain intelligence, active thinking. They think, the antioxidant that the place contains in raspberry, can prevent free radical to cerebrum damage effectively, improve the blood of cerebrum and oxygen supply, achieve the effect of healthy brain puzzle thereby.Dehydrated Raspberry Powder wholesale - RealclearBio


The flavonoid that the place contains in raspberry is kind of material, besides having fight bacterium antiphritis, reduce blood pressure and outside fight allergy to wait for action, they are in protect skin to raise yan respect also skill uncommon. This kind of substance can improve skin blood circulation, enhance skin capillary elasticity, promote skin cell regeneration, thereby playing the role of beauty.

Prevention and treatment of cancer

Free radicals wreak havoc in the body, damaging tissue cells and altering the molecular structure of DNA, which can lead to cancer. Raspberry contains a kind of very beneficial to health component -- anthocyanin, it has the function of clearing free radical, prevention and cure cancer. Therefore, raspberries are of great significance for cancer prevention and treatment.


The study of the United States makes clear, all sorts of active component that the place contains in raspberry, can improve the blood circulation of the penis, the excitatory sex that raises sexual nerve, make weak penis coruscate full of vitality, reason raspberry erectile dysfunction to prevent and cure male, sexual desire is cold all have remarkable effect.

Anti-aging effect

The effects of raspberry on learning and memory and brain monoamine oxidase B(MAO-B) were observed by d-galactose aging model in mice. The results showed that raspberry could significantly shorten the swimming latency and decrease the ACTIVITY of MAO-B in aging mice, suggesting that raspberry could improve learning ability and delay aging.