Lemon Powder
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Lemon Powder

Botanical name: Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.

Grade:Food Grade

Certificates: Kosher/ HALAL

Supply Ability: 10 Tons/month

Sample: Free Sample 5-20g

Shelf Life:2 years

Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Package:1kg/bag, 25kg/paper drum

Delivery Method: DHL/ FedEx/ By air/ By sea

Payment MethodT/T, L/C, PayPal


Lemon Powder Description

RealclearBio is freeze dried, spray dried and dehydrated Lemon Fruit Powder Manufacturer, Which are benefits for Vitamin C. Lemon is known as the king of whitening. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Vc is one of the important elements widely recognized in the beauty and cosmetics industry. It can effectively inhibit the activity of losinase and reduce the oxidative melanin to colorless reduction. Melanin, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and freckle.

Lemon also contains a large amount of citric acid, which is a member of the fruit acid family. It has the functions of removing aging cutin, promoting the regeneration of epidermal cells, maintaining skin moisture, improving skin texture, and enhancing skin elasticity. RealclearBio also accept customization for Extract Ingredient, Content, Color, Solubility, Moisture, Ash, Heavy Metal, Pesticide Residue, Microorganism etc.

Product Description

Product Name:

Lemon Powder

Botanical name:

Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.


Light Yellow Powder

Part Used:


Test Method:





Inhibit melanin  Eliminate skin pigmentation  Keep the skin beautiful and shiny  Improve blood pressure, relax nerves, help digestion, and decompose toxins in the body  Prevent kidney stones  Reduce fat  Prevent cardiovascular arteriosclerosis and reduce blood viscosity  


Health products  Natural medicine  Food (such as baking, ice cream, etc.)  Juice  Mixed juice  Cosmetics 

Nutritional Value:
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high sodium and low potassium, which is very beneficial to the human body.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can inhibit the production of melanin. Drinking more can help the skin resist ultraviolet light.

In addition to being a beneficial fruit, lemon has great effects on beauty and medical treatment, because it contains a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E and B2, vitamin P and B1, and rich organic acids and Flavonoids, coumarin, volatile oil, pectin, etc.

The large amount of citric acid contained in lemons neutralizes the alkali on the surface of human skin to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation.

In addition, the vitamins A, C, and P of lemon can keep the skin beautiful and shiny after being absorbed by the skin.

Lemon-rich vitamins have a certain auxiliary effect on improving blood pressure, relaxing nerves, helping digestion and breaking down toxins in the body. The citrate in lemon juice can prevent kidney stones. Direct consumption can replenish body moisture and vitamin C. Because it has low calories and strong contractility, it helps reduce fat and is a good medicine for weight loss. Lemon can prevent cardiovascular arteriosclerosis and reduce blood viscosity. Vitamin C intake can increase the absorption of iron by 3 times.

Instructions on using:

1. Facial mask

----Take 5-10g of lemon powder, mix it with water, egg white, or milk to form a paste, apply it evenly on the face, and wash off in 20 minutes.

2. Steam face

----Before making the mask, steam the face to open the pores and absorb the mask better.

At this time, you can sprinkle about 10g of lemon powder in the container for steaming your face.

---- Rich fruity, aromatic scent, whitening and moisturizing the skin.

3. Soak in the bath

---- Sprinkle about 50g of lemon powder into the bathtub.

It can shrink the skin of the whole body, provide nutrition, refresh the body, whiten and moisturize the skin.

Testing Index of Lemon Powder

Particle Size:

NLT 100% 80mesh









Heavy metal:

10ppm max



Total Plate Count:

1000cfu/g max

Yeast / Mold:

100cfu/g max

E. Coli:




Lemon Powder Package and Delivery

By Express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Suitable for more than 50kg

Suitable for more than 500kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Fast:  3-7 days

Slow: 7-45 days

Hight Cost

Hight Cost

Low Cost

Door to door service

Port to port

Port to port

Easy to pick up the goods

Professional broker needed

Professional broker needed 

Lemon Powder wholesale-ruikeli

Our advantage on producing Lemon Powder:

I. Raw material control for Lemon:

1) Select high quality raw materials.Lemon Powder bulk- ruikeli

2) Strictly control the quality of raw materials: inspection of bulk samples before entering the factory -- random inspection of batches at the time of entering the factory.Ensure no mildew, reasonable control of impurities, absolute content in a controlled range.

II. Production Control of Lemon Powder:

1) Whole pollution-free pipeline input to ensure that the production process is rigorous, clean and qualified for microorganisms.

2) To ensure complete, accurate and traceable sampling detection for each process in the production process.

3) Ensure that the whole process of powder collecting and packaging is completed in an orderly manner in the Cleaning Area without foreign body invasion.

Lemon Powder for sale-ruikeli

Lemon Powder for sale-ruikeli

III. Quality Control for Lemon Powder:

1) Ensure the cleanness of the mixing program.

2) Ensure the accuracy of finished product testing.

3) If the finished products are not qualified, the previous process shall be traced immediately.

4) Guarantee that the unqualified products will not be put into storage or leave the factory.

Iv. Service Control

1) Guarantee 20-50 grams of free pre-shipment sample testing to customers.

2) Follow up the customer's detection of samples and problems found until the problems are solved.

3) Complete all customer requirements and related documents for products.

4) Customize product color, content, packaging, labeling and transportation according to customer requirements.

5) Customers' feedback on product problems shall be guaranteed to give positive and effective response within 24 hours.