Blueberry powder-how to use it
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Blueberry powder-how to use it

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What does blueberry powder taste like?

"Blueberry flavor: light aroma, sweet and sour. The average weight of blueberry fruit is 0.5-2.5g, and the maximum weight is 5g. The blueberry fruit is beautiful, pleasing to the eye, blue and covered with a layer of white fruit powder. The fruit flesh is delicate, the seed is very small, and the edible rate is 100%.

How do you store blueberry powder?

It is best to put fresh blueberries into the refrigerator immediately after buying them, and the best storage temperature is 1~3°C. It can be insured for 5-7 days. If you want to eat fresh blueberries, never store them in the freezer below 0°C.

It is not recommended to wash blueberries in water before putting them in the refrigerator, as water will easily spoil them, so keeping the appearance of blueberries dry is the best way to extend the shelf life of fresh blueberries.

Fresh blueberry fruits need to be stored at low temperature below 10℃, even in the process of transportation, the temperature should be kept below 10℃. However, when the fruit drops from the field temperature to below 10℃, it must go through the pre-cooling process to remove the heat of the fruit in the field, so as to effectively prevent the rot. The main methods of pre-cooling are vacuum cooling, cold water cooling and cold air cooling.

Vacuum cooling Vacuum cooling is the way of fruit cooling by evaporation of surface water. This way the cooling speed is fast, can be completed in 20~30 minutes.wild blueberry powder suppliers - RealclearBio

Is bilberry the same as blueberry powder?

They are produced in different places. Blueberries and blueberries are different in the field. Blueberries are mainly produced in Finland or Sweden, and are native berries in Northern European countries, while blueberries are widely grown in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Chile and other places.

The two anthocyanins content is different On the content of anthocyanins, the content of cranberry around four to five times higher than the blueberries, mainly because the cranberries grow in northern Europe, near the North Pole, white night sunshine time is long, also cut the flesh you will find that although the outside of the blueberry is violet, but the pulp but not the color, but the orange...

The two uses are different in the use, the blueberry is generally used as a raw material for sales of health food, so the blueberry can be regarded as a health product, but blueberry due to its low effective content, so it is generally in the class of ordinary food, the main role is to eat.

The price is different Due to the difference in front the price is not the same, both from the Nordic since birth, anthocyanins content is higher, and have health care function of cranberry, the price is much higher than blueberries, but because of price fluctuations is bigger, so the two specific price still need to be decided according to the market.buy Blueberry Extract powder - RealclearBio

How do you cook dried blueberry powder in the oven?

First of all, the blueberries should be soaked in soda and starch water for 15 minutes, and then washed one by one after drying, put into the oven, bake for about six hours, and then take out the dried blueberries, cool them and put them into a container, when you want to eat.

How do you dehydrate blueberry powder?

Steps :(1) the fresh blueberry fruit is frozen rapidly at -20℃ ~ -40℃; (2) crushing at -10℃ ~ -5℃; (3) Add edible citric acid and adjust PH to 1.0 ~ 3.4; (4) Add 50% ~ 95% edible alcohol and extract in ultrasonic wave of 20kHZ ~ 30kHZ; (5) Filtrate and concentrate under nitrogen flow to obtain blueberry concentrate; (6) Add cyclodextrin and freeze rapidly at -20℃ ~ -40℃; (7) The frozen blueberry concentrate was put into a freeze dehydrator with far infrared irradiation and frozen and dehydrated at -50℃; (8) The dehydrated blueberry powder with a size of 40μm ~ 350μm was crushed when the water content of dehydrated blueberry was less than 5%. The invention also discloses dehydrated blueberry powder manufactured by the above method and flour containing the powder. The dehydrated blueberry powder manufactured by the invention has bright color, high anthocyanin content, short production cycle, good hygiene, processing and preservation.