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Cranberry Powder

Botanical nameVaccinium macrocarpon

Grade: Food Grade

Certificates: Kosher/ HALAL

Supply Ability: 10 Tons/month

Sample: Free Sample 5-20g

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/paper drum

Delivery Method: DHL/ FedEx/ By air/ By sea

Payment MethodT/T, L/C, PayPal


Cranberry Powder Description

RealclearBio is freeze dried and spray dried Cranberry Fruit Powder Manufacturer, Which are benefits for Antioxidants. Cranberries are smallCranberry Powder supplier-ruikeli evergreen shrubs and vines belonging to the genus Vacinium macrocarpon of the rhododendron family. The fruit is an ovoid berry with a length of 2 to 5 cm. High-fiber, multi-mineral features. Cranberry powder is divided into dehydrated powder and juice powder. The nutritional value is very rich, which contains a lot of polyphenols, which can effectively enhance the body’s immunity and prevent urinary system infections. And this kind of cranberry has more acidic substances, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice in the intestines and increase appetite. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, and there are a lot of flavonoid antioxidants, which can effectively whiten the skin and promote skin metabolism. RealclearBio also accept customization for Extract Ingredient, Content, Color, Solubility, Moisture, Ash, Heavy Metal, Pesticide Residue, Microorganism etc.

Product Description

Product Name:

Cranberry Powder

Botanical name:

Vaccinium macrocarpon


Brownish Red Powder

Part Used:


Test Method:





Prevent urinary tract infections ※Anti-Helicobacter pylori Anti-oxidation  Prevent cardiovascular disease    Protect the mouth and teeth


Health products  Natural medicine  Food (such as baking, ice cream, etc.)  Juice  Mixed juice  Soda  

Nutritional Value:
Cranberry also contains the super popular antioxidant "proanthocyanidin". With special antioxidant capacity and free muscle scavenger conditions, it can prevent cell damage and maintain cell health and vitality. Some well-known foreign cosmetics companies have even developed technologies that are combined with cosmetics and skin care products, using the antibacterial and water retention characteristics of cranberry, combined with whitening products, to develop a new generation of herbal cosmetics.

Cranberries are rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins (OPC) phytochemicals with strong antioxidant capacity. Biochemical experiments have found that the antioxidant substances contained in cranberries can effectively inhibit low-density lipoprotein (LDL; Commonly known as bad cholesterol) oxidation. In addition, cranberries contain high bioavailability of vitamin C. Clinical experiments have found that eating cranberries can increase the concentration of vitamin C in human blood quickly and effectively.

Cranberry contains a special compound—concentrated tannic acid. In addition to the function of preventing urinary tract infections, cranberry can also effectively inhibit the attachment of Helicobacter pylori to the intestines and stomach. Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of gastric ulcer and even gastric cancer. Cranberry contains very high content of bioflavonoids, which are a very powerful anti-free radical substance. The research by Dr. Vinson compared more than 20 kinds of natural fruits and vegetables commonly found in the United States, and found the the highest amount bioflavonoids contained in cranberry. Due to the anti-free radical effect of bioflavonoids, it may have a good effect on preventing cardiovascular aging diseases, the occurrence and progression of cancer, senile dementia, and skin aging.

According to research, cranberry contains a kind of "proanthocyanidin" substance, which can inhibit bacteria (including E. coli) from adhering to urinary tract epithelial cells, reduce the chance of infection, and relieve patient discomfort. Europeans call anthocyanins a "skin vitamin" because it can restore the vitality of collagen and make the skin smooth and elastic. Anthocyanins also protect the human body from sun damage and promote the healing of psoriasis and longevity.

Testing Index of Cranberry Powder

Particle Size:

NLT 100% 80mesh









Heavy metal:

10ppm max



Total Plate Count:

1000cfu/g max

Yeast / Mold:

100cfu/g max

E. Coli:




Cranberry Powder Package and Delivery

By Express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Suitable for more than 50kg

Suitable for more than 500kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Fast:  3-7 days

Slow: 7-45 days

Hight Cost

Hight Cost

Low Cost

Door to door service

Port to port

Port to port

Easy to pick up the goods

Professional broker needed

Professional broker needed 

Cranberry Powder manufacturer-ruikeli

Our advantage on producing Cranberry Powder:

I. Raw material control for Cranberry:Cranberry Powder buy-ruikeli

1) Select high quality raw materials.

2) Strictly control the quality of raw materials: inspection of bulk samples before entering the factory -- random inspection of batches at the time of entering the factory.Ensure no mildew, reasonable control of impurities, absolute content in a controlled range.

II. Production Control of Cranberry Powder:

1) Whole pollution-free pipeline input to ensure that the production process is rigorous, clean and qualified for microorganisms.

2) To ensure complete, accurate and traceable sampling detection for each process in the production process.

3) Ensure that the whole process of powder collecting and packaging is completed in an orderly manner in the Cleaning Area without foreign body invasion.

Cranberry Powder for sale-ruikeli

Cranberry Powder for sale-ruikeli

III. Quality Control for Cranberry Powder:

1) Ensure the cleanness of the mixing program.

2) Ensure the accuracy of finished product testing.

3) If the finished products are not qualified, the previous process shall be traced immediately.

4) Guarantee that the unqualified products will not be put into storage or leave the factory.

Iv. Service Control

1) Guarantee 20-50 grams of free pre-shipment sample testing to customers.

2) Follow up the customer's detection of samples and problems found until the problems are solved.

3) Complete all customer requirements and related documents for products.

4) Customize product color, content, packaging, labeling and transportation according to customer requirements.

5) Customers' feedback on product problems shall be guaranteed to give positive and effective response within 24 hours.


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