Is coconut powder good for weight loss?
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Is coconut powder good for weight loss?

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What are the nutritional components of coconut cream powder?

Coconut flour is by far the world's highest amino acid content of natural beverages. Its vitamin E can maintain female youth vitality, rich zinc can promote the development of young girls, magnesium can improve the circulatory system of the elderly.

What are the guidelines for coconut protein powder?

Coconut powder is rich in nutrition, coconut fragrance, pure and delicious, instant drink. Hot drink in cold weather, cold cold drink in hot weather, fresh and pleasant. Do not add too much water when drinking, so as to avoid too weak, affect the taste.coconut protein powder price -Realclearbio

Can play the role of moistening bowel defecation, suitable for patients who always sit in front of the computer and cause constipation.

In addition to making drinks, coconut powder can also be used as coffee companion and milk tea, cereal flavoring agent, in coffee, beer, wine, ice water, pineapple juice added to coconut water, more unique flavor.

Coconut powder can also be used to cook food. Hainan has a tradition of cooking rice, stewing chicken, steaming eggs or making fish head soup with coconut juice. It is not only attractive, but also has certain nourishing effect.

In addition, it can remove tea dirt from teacups and teapots, which is quite useful.

What are the precautions for eating coconut powder?

Vegetable fat is also known as powder oil or creamer, the main raw materials are hydrogenated vegetable oil, glucose syrup, sodium colonic acid, emulsifier and so on. Vegetable oil hydrogenated vegetable oil is, in fact, the unsaturated fatty acids to saturated, or the process of the customs and state the process will produce trans fatty acids, it can make human low density lipoprotein in the blood increases, high density lipoprotein decrease, causes hardening of the arteries, the increased heart disease, cerebrovascular accident risk (8 indicators are not normal blood). Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more.

Table of coconut milk powder nutrition ingredients

The name of the food

coconut powder(100g)


604 千卡


5.6 g


62 g

Saturated fatty acid

53.4 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

1.5 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids

3.5 g


2 g


6.4 g


6.4 g

Dietary fiber

13.7 g

Folic acid

9 μg


28 mg


90 mg


160 mg


660 mg


23 mg


1.8 mg


3.6 mg


0.55 mg


0.9 mg


12 μg


3 μg

Vitamin B1(Thiamine)

0.03 mg

Vitamin B2(riboflavin)

0.05 mg

Niacin (nicotinamide)

0.9 mg

Vitamin B6

0.09 mg

Vitamin E

1.26 mg

Instant coconut powder efficacy and function

i.           Improve immunity

Coconut powder has a high protein content and rich amino acids, which is very useful for the growth and development of children, the metabolism of ordinary people, the aging and disease prevention of the elderly, and the production of body energy for daily activities. Some scientists have found that coconut milk powder can improve the body's nutritional intake, thereby enhancing the body's immune ability, and coconut milk powder as a daily drink for children is the best.

ii.         Antibacterial property

Coconut oil has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, so it has great health and beauty benefits. The oil content of coconut meat is about 35%, the main components of oil are capric acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid, fatty acid, free fatty acid and a variety of sterol substances, these substances have the role of supplementing the body nutrition, beauty, prevention and treatment of skin diseases. In ADDITION, COCONUT WATER CONTAINS sugar, fat, protein, growth hormone, vitamins AND a large number of essential trace elements for human body. Drinking it regularly can improve people's strength, replenish intracellular fluid, expand blood volume, moisturize skin, and have the effect of beauty.coconut protein powder suppliers -Realclearbio

iii.        Anti-aging

Coconut powder contains vitamin B1, B2 vitamin C vitamin E, vitamin Aβ - carotene and VC, VA are natural supplements, is indispensable for brain cell metabolism, these are can promote metabolism, avoid the production of dark spots, freckles, skin whitening elements; In addition, it can promote microvascular blood circulation to help remove accumulated oxygen free radicals, maintain cell vitality, and delay female aging. Therefore, coconut powder is a natural nutrient, which plays an important role in delaying female aging.

iv.       Detoxification beauty

Coconut powder can play a good role in moistening the bowel. Coconut powder contains antioxidant ingredients, and sunlight play a role in neutralizing free radicals, promote metabolism, promote human blood circulation, promote intestinal digestion. Improve the skin problems caused by constipation, achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty.

v.         Lose weight and reduce fat

Regular consumption of coconut powder will not increase body weight, but also can reduce the level of human blood lipid, prevent hyperlipidemia, so as to play a role in cardiovascular health care. Coconut milk powder can improve the nutrition intake of the human body, thereby enhancing the immune ability of the body, promote metabolism. For friends with poor metabolism, drinking a cup of coconut powder can wash away some oil in the gut, reduce fat accumulation, and play the role of weight loss and body shaping.