Kiwi fruit powder's efficacy
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Kiwi fruit powder's efficacy

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Why is kiwi fruit powder bad for you?

We have a lower incidence of cancer. Kiwi fruit contains a mutation-resistant component called glutathione, which helps suppress mutations in cancer-causing genes.

It makes us look younger. Kiwi fruit rich in vitamin C can play a whitening, light spot, in addition to acne, detoxification anti-aging effect.

They make us thin. Kiwi fruit is low in sugar, so people can get the most balanced nutrition from kiwi fruit per unit of calories.

We got rid of our canker sores. Kiwi fruit flesh is rich in vitamin C and VITAMIN B, which has a natural effect on the prevention of oral ulcers.

We said goodbye to constipation. Kiwi fruit contains more dietary fiber and oligosaccharide, protein decomposition enzyme.

We're less likely to get depressed.

We are less likely to develop cataracts.

It has made us more resistant.

It made us calmer.

We must not clot.kiwifruit powder for sale - RealclearBio

What happens if you eat kiwi fruit powder everyday? 

Relieve constipation

In an earlier study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, 54 per cent of patients with chronic constipation experienced significant relief after eating one kiwi a day for four weeks. This is because kiwi fruit juice is rich, and the content of dietary fiber is also considerable, plus the pectinase and hydrolytic protease contained in it, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve digestive function, and then can prevent constipation, the prevention and improvement of constipation effect is significant.

Whitening and beautifying

Kiwi fruit is a beauty holy fruit for women, thanks to its high vitamin C content. Vitamin C serves as a kind of natural antioxidant, not only can clear the free radical inside body effectively, help airframe to defer aging, and still can desalt color spot, eliminate dark sore, white skin. In addition, there are more kiwi pectin, for clearing the accumulation of metabolites in the body is very good help, when the toxins in the skin and intestinal tract are discharged, the skin will of course be healthier.

Improve immunity

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and polyphenols, these ingredients have a strong antioxidant effect, after eating can enhance the body's immunity, improve the body's ability to fight viruses.

Prevention of scurvy

Scurvy, also known as vitamin C deficiency. And kiwi fruit in vitamin C content is very rich, every 100g in general contains vitamin C100-200mg, high types can reach 400mg. Daily consumption of 1 to 2 kiwi fruit can meet the daily needs of vitamin C.

Promote fetal neural development

Folic acid is an essential nutrient for fetal development. If a pregnant woman lacks folic acid, it may lead to cleft lip and palate, heart defects and so on. Kiwi fruit is known as a "natural folic acid producer", with one kiwi fruit containing 8 to 10 percent of a person's daily requirement for folic acid. Before pregnancy or pregnancy often eat kiwi fruit, to prevent fetal neural tube malformation and congenital heart disease.

Protect your eyesight

Kiwi fruit is rich in carotene and lutein. Carotene in the body can be converted into vitamin A, this vitamin can maintain the normal cornea, and enhance the ability to see at night; Lutein can reduce retinopathy and prevent macular degeneration in the elderly.

Improve sleep

Severl studies have shown that low levels of antioxidants and serotonin contribute to poor sleep. Rich in a variety of antioxidants and high in serotonin, kiwi fruit is a super sleep aid that can significantly improve sleep quality.freeze dried kiwi fruit powder cost - RealclearBio

Precautions for eating kiwi powder

Not excessive consumption

Kiwi fruit is cold food, and contains more pectin and organic acids, excessive consumption will damage our spleen and stomach Yang qi, also may appear stomach acid reflux, stomach pain, diarrhea and other situations.

It should not be eaten on an empty stomach

Kiwi fruit contains more organic fruit acid, empty stomach eating will increase the amount of gastric acid secretion, causing irritation to the gastric mucosa. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat kiwi fruit on an empty stomach, especially those with gastrointestinal problems.

Allergic people eat kiwi carefully

Research has shown that some children who eat kiwi fruit can cause severe allergic reactions, including itching of the throat, numbness of the tongue and even swelling of the oral mucosa. Therefore, children who have not eaten kiwi fruit must be careful to eat it.

Diarrhea patients do not eat kiwi

Kiwi cold, and moisten bowel laxative effect, so during diarrhea is not suitable to eat kiwi.

Is it OK to eat kiwi powder skin?

Kiwi skin and flesh contact part of the nutrient content is very high, kiwi fruit 80% of the nutrients are concentrated in kiwi skin. In addition, kiwi skin is also rich in pectin, so eating kiwi skin together is the best choice.

What does freeze dried kiwi fruit powder like?

Sour and sweet.

Can we eat freeze dried kiwi fruit powder at night?

The kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin c, often eat kiwi fruit, can not only help improve body immunity, also can help eliminate the spots on her face, kiwi fruit can eat in the evening, at night to eat kiwi fruit, can also help stabilize mood, improve the quality of sleep, and kiwi fruit is rich in dietary fiber, Eating kiwi fruit is good for promoting gastrointestinal motility.

Are freeze dried kiwi fruit powder high in sugar?

Monkey peach is not high in sugar, about 4-8%, which is a low-sugar fruit. Generally, the sugar content of fruits is divided into three categories: those with less than 10% sugar are called low-sugar fruits, those with 10%-20% sugar are called medium-sugar fruits, and those with more than 20% sugar are called high-sugar fruits.