What are senna leaf extract good for?
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What are senna leaf extract good for?

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What is senna leaf extract used for?

Senna leaves belong to a more common Chinese herbal medicine, it is very good in the treatment of intractable constipation level of the actual effect is very good, and senna leaves inside the extract has a very good therapeutic effect, its specific component is senna glycoside. In the sigmoid colon, these ingredients can be converted to another substance, anthracone, which enhances hydrodynamics and is often used in conjunction with catharsis.senna leaf extract equivalent sennosides - RealclearBio

The specific ingredient in senna leaves is called senna. The molecular structure of this component is transformed in sigmoid colon by the microbial species into another substance, anthrone xanthocyanate, which has the beneficial effect of stimulating sigmoid colon specificity (which increases gastrointestinal function and improves digestion and absorption) and enhancing hydrodynamics metabolism.

The laxative properties of sennoside and its specific compound, anthrone, are thought to inhibit intestinal digestion and absorption of water and lithium battery electrolyte, thereby increasing the volume and working pressure of intestinal contents. It will stimulate the sigmoid colon push-type tightening fitness exercise.

In addition, the stimulating effect on specific fluoride metabolism enhances the content of intestinal calcium and magnesium ions and lithium battery electrolytes. This transition in the transport of specific lithium battery electrolyte depends on the calcium element on the plasma surface.

The laxative effect of sennoside is partly due to stimulation of sigmoid hydrodynamics and lithium battery electrolyte metabolism, and this metabolic capacity is controlled by stimulation of the whole process of endoprostacyclin production. Sennoside can be prepared as enema or suppository or mixed with defecation softener or chemical fiber laxative to form synergistic laxative.

Points for attention of senna extract

1. Can I drink senna tea once a week?

Senna leaf can not often drink and long-term use will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis function, resulting in more difficult defecation, aggravating constipation!  And after stopping taking normal defecation will be very difficul and it is recommended to use carefully and  female physiological period amount or spleen and stomach deficiency cold more need to use with caution.

2. What laxative makes you poop instantly?



3. Why can't I poop even after laxatives?

This kind of circumstance reason is more, constipation is to need to recuperate slowly nevertheless.senna leaf extract equivalent sennosides-RealclearBio

A) To develop stool hygiene habits. Every morning or after breakfast or before going to bed on time defecate, then regardless of whether or not to go to the toilet on time. As long as long-term adherence, will develop the habit of defecating on time.

B) Eat more cellulosic vegetables (leek, celery, spinach, etc.) and fresh fruits. To encourage appropriate drinking water or drinking honey water, jujube, sesame and walnut, which also has the function of moistening the lung and relieving constipation.

C) Adhere to physical exercise can improve gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve abdominal and perineal muscle strength, so as to maintain smooth stool.

D) People with severe constipation can take laxative agents such as honey, rhubarb or glycerin enema.

4. What is a safe laxative to use daily?

The safe purgative is polyethylene glycol electrolyte powder, which belongs to the laxative agent. Patients who need to do colonoscopy or capsule endoscopy often need to drink 1000-1500ml water after drinking the drug, which can achieve the function of cleaning the intestine. In addition, there are sodium phosphate salts, some people with poor kidney function should be careful to use. So relatively safe or polyethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol laxative for the elderly, children can be used. Drink enough water, drink laxatives and water according to the requirements of the time, according to the appointment of a professional doctor to do intestinal examination.

5. Does senna tea cleanse the colon?

Senna leaves are often used to cleanse the intestines in radiology plain radiographs, colon and pyelography radiographs, and before surgical abdominal surgery. Even if the cleaning is not ideal, you can also clean the enema. After more than 80 years of practice, it has been gradually promoted.