Carnosic Acid Benefits for Skin Health
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Carnosic Acid Benefits for Skin Health

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I. What exactly does carnosic acid do?

Carnosic acid is an oil-soluble antioxidant and green food additive that is stable (resistant to high temperatures) and safe for side effects.Medical research shows that it can eliminate excessive free radicals in the body, destroy monoheavy oxygen, protect the structure of cell membrane and slow down the aging of the human body.Through antioxidant activity,can stimulate and accelerate the body's fat metabolism,not only can,but also can promote the effect of lipid compounds from the stool,to achieve weight loss.

II. What are the application areas (uses) of carnosic acid? Carnosic Plant-realclearbio

i. Food industry

Carnosic acid CA is applied in meat products, deep-sea fish oil,oral liquid,grease,seafood,pet food, candy and other food industries.It can prevent and delay oxidation deterioration of products,improve food taste and extend shelf life.In Europe,CA carnosic acid is used to prevent the oxidation of sausage and ham products;In Japan,CA carnosic acid is used in fried foods to prevent light deterioration after packaging,and in frozen foods to remove odors. 

Treated yellow croaker with chitosan and rosemary extract at the same time, and found that rosemary extract could significantly reduce the number of viable bacteria in meat products and extend the shelf life of yellow croaker.Used extracts of licorice, cloves and rosemary to delay the shelf life of soy sauce,achieve antibacterial and anticorrosive effects,and give soy sauce a special flavor;Yang Lei et al. added the active ingredient CA carnoic acid to deep-sea fish oil,and analyzed and monitored the changes of polyunsaturated fatty acid content in the storage process of fish oil by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.The results showed that CA carnoic acid could effectively inhibit the oxidation of fish oil in the storage process,with a dose-effect relationship.

ii. Medical care

In 1981,the Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully introduced rosemary plants from abroad. After extracting rosemary essential oil from rosemary leaves by supercritical carbon dioxide, rosemary antioxidants were further isolated.Studies have shown that the antioxidant has anti-HIV-1, anti-tumor,anti-hepatitis,liver protection and liver protection,anti-inflammatory,antibacterial activities,so that it has the potential to be developed into anti-inflammatory,anti-cancer, anti-AIDS, liver protection enzyme and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other drugs.In the field of medicine and cosmetics,antioxidants can hinder the development of oxidation reaction chain to delay the oxidation process, thus achieving the effect of anti-aging. In TakedaH's study, rosemary significantly reduced the amount of time the mice spent restless,affecting the central nervous system and promising future development as an antidepressant.There are also some studies that claim that rosemary essential oil can relieve joint pain and wake up the brain,and it is the symbol of aromatherapy.The diterpenoids from rosemary plants have strong inhibitory effects on the activity of HIV-I protease,among which the diterpenoids have the strongest activity,which can significantly inhibit the replication of HIV virus.Studies have shown that the anti-HIV activity is closely related to the o-phenol hydroxyl group in the structure of CA carnoic acid, which is promising for the development of new anti-AIDS drugs.

iii. Daily chemical industry

Carnosic acid CA can be used in sunscreen and isolation cream to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation,computer radiation,high temperature and other damage,can also be used in face cream,lipstick,body cream,bath and other daily chemical products,by reducing the accumulation of peroxide and other oxidation products in the skin tissue,to delay skin aging,prevent skin diseases. Carnosic acid CA, due to its superior antioxidant properties and natural advantages, can promote the blood circulation of human skin,strengthen the dilatation and contraction of blood vessels,and inhibit the degradation of elastin, so as to ensure the luster and elasticity of skin. Nowadays, carnosic acid CA is gradually applied in high-grade cosmetics in the advocation of natural,no-add and green.

III. What are the precautions for using carnosic acid?

i. Long-term contact with copper and iron is not recommended at room temperature, and contact with copper and iron is prohibited at high temperature (above 80℃).

ii. This product should not be used under alkaline conditions.

iii. Make sure to mix well when using.

iv. Carnosic acid with vitamin E, citric acid, vitamin C, etc., can enhance the effect.

IV. Is carnosic acid good for skin Health?

i. Improve enlarged pores and dry skin eczema

ii. Eliminate blood marks and other bruises after acne healing

iii. Inhibit oil secretion, so you can remove blackheads.

V. Application prospect of salvia acid

Carnosic acid is the main active ingredient of rosemary antioxidants approved in our country.As a fat-soluble natural antioxidant, carnosic acid has a much better antioxidant effect than synthetic antioxidants in stabilizing oil. , can be used in oil and fatty food, biomedicine, chemical, cosmetics and feed, in addition to prevent or delay the oxidation of oil or oily food, improve the stability of food and prolong the storage time, can also be used as meat and fish flavoring agent.In Japan, rosemary extract is used in high-temperature fried foods to prevent oxidation effects and photodeterioration after packaging. It is also used in frozen foods to suppress fishy smells.

In Europe, rosemary extract is also used to prevent oxidation of ham and sausage products.The diluent flavoring oil product with rosemary extract is suitable for meat products. After years of research, Microherb successfully separated high-purity Carnosicacid and Rosmarinicacid with more than 90% content by modern traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology and advanced chromatographic separation technology.It is used in pharmacology, toxicology and clinical experimental research and widely used in medicine,health care and daily chemical industry.Uses Carnosic acid is a natural antioxidant extracted from rosemary plant, as a raw material for skin care products, has been sold in Europe and the United States.

VI. Neuroprotective effects of carnosic acid

The aging of population is a social problem that cannot be ignored. With increasing aging, the incidence of neurological diseases (such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and other age-related diseases) is also increasing.The main diterpenoid compound in the medicinal plant rosemary, carnosic acid, plays an important role in neuroprotection, providing hope and more options for the prevention and treatment of nervous system diseases.