Goji berry powder's benefits and points for attention
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Goji berry powder's benefits and points for attention

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What are the side effects of goji berry extract powder?

Wolfberry has a good health function, can supplement amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin B, carotene, iron, calcium and phosphorus elements, can warm up the body, raise liver mingmu, beauty, but, eat more wolfberry has side effects on the body. Wolfberry warm, eat too much easy to lead to excessive tonifying, cause fire, eyes swelling pain, nosebleeds and other diseases. In addition, people with Yin deficiency constitution, people with cold and diarrhea are not suitable for eating wolfberry, will aggravate the condition, cause physical discomfort.

What does organic goji powder do for your skin?

Wolfberry contains protein, fat, sugar, trace elements, carotene, vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and 18 kinds of amino acids, so it has the pharmacological effects of enhancing immune function, anti-tumor, lowering blood lipid and so on. Animal experiments have also proved that wolfberry has the effect of reducing blood sugar, is conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of diabetes patients; It can inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells, and protect the liver. Have the effect of reducing cholesterol in blood, can prevent the formation of atherosclerosis. In addition, wolfberry can promote hematopoietic function, prevent anemia. In a word, wolfberry is a good tonic in the medicine. At the same time, wolfberry can improve the ability of skin to absorb oxygen, can play a whitening role.Goji Powder price - RealclearBio

Which goji powder is best?

Good and bad wolfberry differentiation:

Summer and autumn fruit, dry and wet hardness is different, autumn fruit soft, dark color, note: too bright generally smoked with sulfur, nutritional weight is different.

Different grades, super grade is the best, 250 grains per catty, Zhongning No.1, No.2 and other excellent varieties, different taste, good taste sweet, no miscellaneous taste.

Super variety, normal color is dark purple and uniform, no blackhead, poor quality, variety, and blackhead.

Common ways to identify wolfberry powder

Ningxia wolfberry grain is big, full, long round, some seeds  thick meat, sweet taste, sweet taste, red color, light soaking water, bare seeds light, soaking water is easy to descend.

Inner Mongolia wolfberry grain large, long round, sweet taste, dark red color, bare seed heavy, red bubble water, easy to sink.

Xinjiang medlar round, very sweet. Red when fresh, dark, soft, heavy seed, red after soaking in water, easy to sink.

Sulfur smoked wolfberry, color is too red, taste sour, astringent, bitter, harmful to human health, can not eat.

Who should avoid goji powder?

Those with a cold and fever

Wolfberry belongs to hot food medicine, cold and fever this body empty fire, so when a cold and a fever to eat wolfberry or drink water will aggravate the cold and a fever.

Patients with hypertension and diabetes

During the consumption of medlar in hypertensive patients, blood pressure will be unstable, medlar itself is high in sugar, diabetes patients should not eat.

Stomach is not weak

Stomach is not good weak take medlar to eat raw or soak in water can cause indigestion, no appetite, stomach vomiting acid phenomenon, especially more obvious in summer.

Patients with various inflammatory diseases

People who suffer from various periods of inflammation, from eating goji berries to drinking water, can make the inflammation worse and even cause other adverse symptoms.

Diarrhea patients

In "Bencao Jing Shuo" mentioned: "if the spleen and stomach is weak, always diarrhea do not enter". Body deficiency diarrhea patients after eating wolfberry, will accelerate the symptoms of diarrhea, affect the body function, so do not eat wolfberry during diarrhea.

People who are sexually aroused

There is a folk "king travel thousands of miles, mo eat wolfberry" proverb, wolfberry has the function of promoting sexual excitement, so usually the desire of hyperactive after eating, will be more hyperactive, and even bring some of the symptoms of physical discomfort.

People with thermal constitution

Medlar tonic effects at the same time have a warm body, so the body has damp and hot, phlegm dampness, characterized by high blood pressure, quick temper tantrums, but a lot of meat and with red, and a cold has a fever, the body have inflammation, diarrhea, had better not eat, otherwise not only short of preserve one's health effect, is also likely to aggravate.

The spleen and stomach are weak

Herbal words mentioned: "such as the spleen and stomach cold phlegm cold, when the diarrhea do not enter". For the population of spleen deficiency if often use medlar bubble water to drink is easy to cause the spleen and stomach cold phlegm block more sheng, resulting in dyspepsia. Yin Sheng constitution, such as fat, greasy, afraid of cold, do not want to drink, and the spleen and stomach can not eat wolfberry! Secondly, people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat wolfberry in hot summer, otherwise there will be a decrease in appetite, stomach full stuffy or vomit acid water phenomenon.goji berry extract powder cost - RealclearBio

What are the precautions for eating wolfberry powder?

Wolfberry tea can not be drunk with green tea

Both drink at the same time, will form a substance in the body that the human body cannot absorb, long-term retention, have very serious damage to the body.

You can't use boiling water to make wolfberry tea

Because the water temperature of wolfberry is too high, it will destroy the nutrition of wolfberry, so the best is when the water is warm, and then put wolfberry, and then drink, there will be better effect. But in fact, wolfberry, soaking water is not much effect, the best is into porridge or stir-fry with.

Medlar can't be eaten with dates

Medlar is not easy to do congee with jujube, we may not understand. Because they resist each other. So, if you make porridge, it's best not to put it together. Of course, when using medlar porridge, it is natural to put some fruit in, such as diced apples or pears, etc., the effect will be better.

Medlar soup should not be cooked for too long

Wolfberry in the cleaning process of boiling water to drink or soup, the time can not be too long. Too long soaking time will cause the trace elements in the medicine to be lost. Goji berries should be added when the soup is ready to make it more effective.

Is organic goji powder good for weight loss?

Women drink wolfberry water benefits have the following points: the first point, is conducive to reducing blood lipids, reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, is conducive to helping weight loss. Clinically can drink a small amount of medlar water every day, with exercise and diet, can make weight as soon as possible. The second point, can replenish the blood, mainly for women prone to anemia symptoms, drink medlar water every day, anemia symptoms caused by the female menstrual period, can be very good to correct. The third point, can delay aging, also has a cosmetic effect on the skin, can reduce the generation of spots, for the human body's memory has great benefits. Fourth, it can be anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, especially for the human spirit has a great effect, can help patients correct insomnia, improve the symptoms of human kidney deficit.

Does organic goji powder clear acne?

Medlar has a lot of magic, many people know that medlar can bright eyes, in fact, can also be used to dispel acne oh, the effect is also very obvious. Pounded fresh goji berries into mud, apply them on the face for 20 minutes after cleaning, morning and evening, as long as one day can see the acne is no longer red and swollen, and insist on doing can improve acne very well.